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Woman Born without a Vaginal Opening

This heartbreaking video tells the story of Kaylee, a young woman who was born without a vaginal opening. She suffers from a rare condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, which affects the reproductive system and causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped. As a result of the condition, she doesn’t have a uterus or a cervix.

Fortunately, there is hope. Kaylee is planning to undergo reconstructive surgery to create a vaginal opening and allow her to have sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, despite her condition, her medical insurance is not covering the cost of it ($15 000) as they consider it a cosmetic surgery. They do the same when it comes to most labiaplasty surgeries.

Kaylee is also planning to have children through a surrogate mother. Her boyfriend, who is featured on the video, is amazingly supportive and non-judgmental.

Watch the video here:

Wishing Kaylee everything of the best with her reconstructive surgery and her life after surgery.

Big Labia Pictures to Share

big labia leaning back big labia side view big labia standing upright big labia thighs raisedHello, I’m 41 years old and from France. I discovered your site and really found it helpful. Testimonies are so useful for acceptance and to feel normal… I decided to send you pictures because I felt that some girls and women made an effort to send some, and clearly it is so useful, in addition to words. Because with only words, you can still think “oh yes these girls say they have big labia but actually there surely aren’t like mine”… so thank for everything and keep on!

Thank you for your lovely message and for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Clare xo

My labia are getting bigger and fatter

I just want to know why my labia are getting bigger and fatter. I haven’t always had big lips but now they have been on a growth spurt for a some reason. I really am proud of my body. I am happy with all of me, so physically I am not fussed. I just want to know why it is growing. Is it because of masturbating?

Masturbation cannot cause any physiological changes to your vulva or growth in your labia. The tissue of the vagina is very elastic. Even if you use sex toys that can cause some stretching (such as larger vibrators), this would not result in any permanent changes.

Womens’ labia can change throughout their lifetimes. Some women who have “innies” when they are young, have “outies” when they get older. Usually, the physical changes are a result of hormonal changes which can be come about during puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

As long as your labia are not causing you any physical pain or discomfort (which is usually manageable in any case), you have nothing to worry about!

Clare xo

Never had sex because of my long labia

First of all, thank you so much for this website. I’m from Argentina, i’m 18 and never had sex because of my long labia. A few months ago I started to date a girl (I could date guys but I always thought of the moment we had sex and I was afraid they would be terrified or confused because im sure that most of them only have seen vaginas in porn, you know, without knowing the existence of long labia, so i dated this girl thinking that for being a woman she would be more tolerant), then I began to search for acceptance and photos/videos of girls who had long labia just to make me feel that I’m not alone. The first time I realized how my vagina looked like I thought it was because of my skin color, but it’s not! Now I’m more confident and secure with my body. I want to thank all women for sharing their stories, experiences and photos, we are all beautiful! ♥

Thank you for sharing your story. It’s wonderful that you have become more confident and have managed to overcome your insecurities with your body. Hopefully your story will help to inspire others to confront and overcome their insecurities too!

Clare xo

My vagina is a weird shape

Can you do this anonymously please thank you. I’m 14 years old and I feel like my vagina is a weird shape 1 side is way longer than the other and a darker colour but the other one is fine I wish it could be like the other side but it’s not , I can’t talk to any of my friends/family about it because it’s awkward and I just want to feel good about my vagina which I’m really trying to love but I just can’t I want it to be all tucked in and neat I just really want to feel good and confident about it . Sorry for the long paragraph but your the only person I’ve told this to and I really just needed to tell somebody can you give me some advice please. Thank you so much x

All posts on the Labia Project are published anonymously so you don’t need to worry about keeping your identity private 🙂

What you are describing, with the one side of your labia being longer than the other, is known as labia asymmetry. It is very common and it is part of the normal variations in labia. You have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

The same goes for the darker coloration of the labia minora. This is also very common, and normal variations in color range from pink to purple to shades of brown and grey. It is especially common among women of color and ethnic descent.

Your discovery of the Labia Project is the first important step in your journey towards self-acceptance. As you can see from this site, no two vaginas are the same (just as everybody has a unique set of fingerprints and every snowflake is beautiful and unique).

You should also spend some time every day looking at your vagina – doing this with a handheld mirror is the easiest, and you should obviously only do this when you have some privacy and alone-time. This will help you to get to know your body better and hopefully, to become comfortable with your uniqueness.

Clare xo

Men don’t care what your labia look like

men don't care what your labia look likehuge labia minora serrated labiaI am 33 years old. Sometimes I get a little worried, not knowing what a man will think when he sees my labia, but no one has ever complained. Just a reminder to myself and everyone else: most men don’t care what your labia look like, and in fact, some will REALLY like them 🙂

Thank you for sharing your story and your lovely picture!

Women spend so much time worried about what men will think of their labia when the reality is that most men won’t give them a second thought (and as you correctly point out, some men are really turned on by them)!

Clare xo

My inner lips hang down 3cm

inner lips hang down 3cm my vaginal opening

Hi Clare, I’m 25 and my inner lips hang down 3cm. My problem is that when I tried to have sex, it felt very painful for me. I didn’t know why, since I got very lubricated at the time, so it couldn’t be because of a lack of lubrication. Maybe this pain was due to my labia minora getting in the way during the intercourse… Do you know how women like me deal with this difficulty please? Also, is there a way for women to lubricate less during an intercourse, because it can lead to a loss of sensations at times? Thank you for your website and your advice. Here are some pictures of my vaginal opening. I hope they will help you identify my problem.

You may be relieved to hear that pain during intercourse is a very common complaint among women, so you are not alone.

Based on your pictures, your hymen is no longer there and there are no remnants of your hymen getting in the way of your partner’s penis during intercourse. Even though your labia minora / inner lips hang down 3cm, it looks unlikely from your pictures that they get in the way during intercourse.

However, there could be many other reasons for your pain, and you will need to investigate this using my advice below to figure out what the problem could be.

Firstly, pain during intercourse can be caused by certain sexual positions. Positions where the penetration is particularly deep can often lead to pain. You may wish to try out different positions to establish whether the pain has something to do with the positions that you and your partner are using.

Secondly, it may be that your partner has a large penis (either in length or width). If this is the case, finding positions that are most comfortable, and that allow you to take him in without too much difficulty, may be of assistance.

Thirdly, if the penetration is particularly vigorous and involves fast thrusting, this could be a contributing factor. If so, you should ask your partner to slow down.

You mentioned that you get wet during intercourse. Even if this is the case, if you are anxious about feeling pain or about other issues while having intercourse, and this may be causing you to “clamp up” during intercourse. So aside from the possible physical causes that I have listed above, the pain may have a psychological cause. If this is the case, communication with your partner, and even with a therapist, might help.

I hope that these tips help you to get to the bottom of the problem. Sex should be something that you enjoy, and not a painful or stressful experience.

With regard to your question about how to get wet less in order to increase the sensation during sex, lubrication is your body’s natural way of preparing for penetration when you are aroused. I don’t know of any methods to avoid or reduce lubrication. Remember, the lubrication is there for a good reason, and it’s better for it to be wet and slippery than to deal with dryness and friction which can make things very uncomfortable.

Clare xo


Tissue hanging from my vagina

I’m 16 years old. When I was a younger, my hymen broke during dance. I have had a piece of tissue hanging from my vagina for as long as I could remember and never really thought much about it. It didn’t bother me until I started to wear tampons and have sex. If the piece of skin got caught, it was really painful. When I went to the OBGYN for a regular checkup she said that she could remove it if it was bothering me. It is called a “hymenectomy”. I decided to get it done and I had it removed yesterday. It was scary before hand but the whole thing took only 10 minutes and it wasn’t that bad. The area is still feeling very tender, but with time it will heal and make wearing tampons and having sex much more comfortable.

Thank you for sharing your story. A hymenectomy is a routine and relatively straightforward procedure. I’m happy to hear that yours went well. 

Clare xo

Do the labia shrink with menopause?

I read online that it is possible to have the labia shrink with menopause. I have large inner lips and would hate to see them shrink. I’m so against that happening that I asked my doctor about it (she’s very easy to talk to) and she told me there are ways to prevent the changes in the vulva and vagina that can occur with menopause. For the vulva, to prevent atrophy of the tissues and any shrinking of the lips, you can do a daily press-and-release massage of all parts of the vulva. My doctor gave me a link for a booklet online that explains it all (written by a female doctor who owns a sex toy shop).

The vulva can undergo physiological changes throughout a woman’s lifetime, and hormonal changes that come about during puberty, during pregnancy and during menopause are often a catalyst for those changes.

With regard to maintaining vaginal health throughout your lifetime, the most important thing is to keep the vulva clean. This does not mean scrubbing the vulva or using harsh cleaning products – it is largely a self-cleaning organ, and all it needs is a gentle wash with water from time to time.

It is very rare for the vaginal tissue to atrophy, and not much is required in the way of physical exercises to keep it healthy. Many women do kegel exercises to keep the muscles of the vulva healthy and strong, and this can have multiple benefits including reducing the feeling of “looseness” for you and your partner during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse itself is a form of exercise that can help to keep the vagina healthy (as is the case with masturbation).

I have not looked in any detail into the benefits of vaginal massage, but as far as I know, it can’t do any harm, and as with other forms of massage, it is likely to lead to some benefits when it comes to maintaining and improving circulation.

Clare xo