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This blog is driven by submissions from users of their pictures, experiences and stories. Submissions are a huge help to others who may be going through the same struggles. To make a submission, e-mail clare@labiaproject.com

All submissions are treated with the strictest discretion and confidence, and your name will never be published on the site.

Fendi labia scarf creates a stir

labia scarfFashion house Fendi has released a “labia scarf” – a neck scarf which resembles a vulva with labia folds, complete with fur resembling pubic hair.

Although the fashion house did not intend for the $1 000 scarf to look like a vulva, the similarities are striking, and the scarf created a social media frenzy.

The scarf has sold out online, with sales largely fueled by the attention that it got on social media due to its resemblance to a vulva.

As the old saying goes, “sex sells”!

Having an “imperfect vagina” is the new normal

There is a widely-held view that women who have an outtie, darker skin down there, and asymmetrical labia (one labia bigger than the other), have an imperfect vagina and are abnormal.

The polls that I have run on the Labia Project tell a different story.

Based on the poll results, around 80% of women (that’s four out of five women) have an outtie. Around two thirds of women have darker skin in their vulva area than the rest of their skintone. And around six out of ten women have labia asymmetry.

I decided to run the polls because it’s a way of gathering data to get an objective understanding of how common these traits are. Hopefully, the data from the polls will make it easier to convince women who perceive themselves to be abnormal, that nothing could be further from the truth.

Based on the numbers in the polls, having a tiny, symmetrical, tucked-in vulva, and light skin down there, is relatively uncommon and unusual.

Clare xo

I have an innie vagina

The only guy who has seen my vagina is my husband, he has said nothing but nice things about what he sees down there! Smart man!! It seems like most women who have made submissions on here have outies. Actually I have an innie vagina, which he finds attractive, I don’t doubt if I had an outie that he wouldn’t find that attractive either!

Thank you for sharing.

It sounds like your husband is a really great guy!

Clare xo

Labia asymmetry poll

Many women who make contact with me are concerned about their labia asymmetry (one side of their labia minora / inner lips being bigger or longer than the other side). I decided to run a labia symmetry poll to find out just how common it is to have asymmetrical labia.

Please participate in the poll by selecting the answer that applies to you, and clicking “Vote”. To view the results of the poll, click “Results”.

Coming Soon

Layla Martin: My vulva is imperfect

Watch this video called “My vulva is imperfect”, in which Layla Martin shares her personal journey to overcome her insecurities regarding her vulva.

Layla shares the insights that she has gained along the way, and her views about her “imperfect” vulva and her asymmetrical labia minora. Many of the insecurities that she has experienced will resonate with most women who have body issues.

She also talks about the unique challenges that women of color experience when it comes to men passing judgment about their bodies. The video also features some pictures from the Vulva Gallery, which showcases the diversity of shapes and colors in different womens’ genital anatomy.

Vulva color poll

In response to a recent submission, I decided to put a Vulva Color Poll up to find out what percentage of the visitors of the Labia Project have darker skin in their vulva area compared with the rest of their bodies. Please vote in the poll by selecting the answer that applies to you, and clicking “Vote”. To view the results of the poll, click “Results”.

Coming Soon

16 years old and insecure about my vagina

I’m 16 years old and insecure about my vagina. I’ve been insecure for a very long time. My inner thighs and labia are a lot darker than the rest of my skintone and my inner labia sticks out and looks ugly. I’ve tried to look up how to lighten the skin down there but I haven’t found anything useful. My boyfriend wants to have sex with me and im scared he will judge me for how I look. I dont know what to do anymore i’m so insecure.

I’m proud of you for having the courage to open up about your insecurities.

I need to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you. It is completely normal to have darker pigmentation in the vulva and inner thigh area, and although this is most prevalent among women of color, many Caucasian women have this too.

The same goes for labia minora (inner lips) that protrude (stick out) from the labia majora (outer lips). I ran a poll on the Labia Project to find out what percentage of visitors have innies vs outies. Although I was expecting around half of all women to have outies, the results were that around 80% of women have outies.

Based on your submission, I am setting up a new Vulva Color Poll on the Labia Project to find out just how common it is to have darker skin down there. Please keep an eye on the poll results.


Clare xo

I have a protruding clitoris

I have a protruding clitoris. I used to feel like a freak and hide it in gym – even till the age of maybe 20. I think it’s a huge sign of maturity to grow to be perfectly ok with it, or love it like I do! Makes arousal way easier / everything sexual feel better, in my unproveable belief. And I saw a movie recently with a bunch of hot naked girls & to my surprise a couple had big clits and/or inner labia 🙂 I don’t like the look of my inner labia sticking out but also feel pleasantly indifferent to it if that makes sense.

Thank you for sharing your story.

It sounds like you have gone along way in your journey towards accepting and embracing your clitoris and labia the way they are.

There is some scientific evidence that women who have a larger clitoris have more nerve endings and experience more intensity through stimulation, so it can definitely have its benefits!

Clare xo