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Study of vagina sizes reveals that diversity is the norm

A study of vagina sizes was recently done by a team of Swiss researchers to determine the measurements of  a “normal vulva”. The study was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and it was based on data relating to 657 women between the ages of 15 and 84. The data was obtained by measuring patients’ clitoris, perineum, labia majora and labia minora.

While the aim of the study was to determine what is “normal” and average, the study found that there range of shapes and sizes is so wide that it is pointless to try and determine the norm.

Based on the measurements, the average labia minora size was found to be around 4.3 cm, but lengths ranged from between 5 mm and 10 cm long, which reflected a huge variation of 9.5 cm. There was also a big difference between the participants’ labia majora. The average was 8 cm long, but they ranged from 1.2 cm to 18 cm. With regard to the clitoris, the average was close to 7 mm long but they ranged from 0.5 mm to 3.4 cm in length.

The study ultimately confirms that there is no single way to define a “normal vagina”, as the range of diversity in vulva shapes and sizes out there is huge.

Clare xo

I do not have a clitoris

i do not have a clitorisI feel robbed and empty that I had no say or understanding to why I do not have a clitoris. Im posting this picture as validation that this is real because in everyday life no one knows this about me. Age 41

I’m so sorry that you have been going through this.

It is possible that you have a rare congenital defect called clitoral agenesis, also known as aphallia, in which the clitoris is absent.

It may also be that your clitoris is not visible as it extends deep below the surface of the vulva, and can sometimes not be visible from the outside. If you are able to get sexual stimulation and pleasure by rubbing / stimulating the area above your vaginal entrance, this will probably be the case.

It may help you to get some reassurance and expert advice, by seeing your gynecologist for a pelvic exam (if you have not done so already).

Clare xo

I have a weird vagina

growing up, i had seen porn videos, seen movies, heard how people talk, and that was when i realised that i have a weird vagina. i’m 17 now, and from a young age, i had believed that my vagina was weird because my labia wasn’t tucked in and was worried that i was different. i had many insecurities (my vagina, my weight, my flat nipples) and only recently, when having a conversation about sex with someone, did i decide to research more, and i’m glad i found this website because it has made me realise that my labia is totally normal and okay. porn is fake, and the representation of vaginas isn’t that great, unless you know where to look. in almost a day, i’m learning to love my body more and i’ve instantly become slightly less self conscious in the way my vagina looks. i’m so so grateful for this page, and to all the women who have shared their experiences/feelings as it’s nice to know you’re not alone, and it’s nice to know that every single vagina is different and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad to hear that you’re learning to love and accept your body!

Clare xo

Large asymmetrical labia

large asymmetrical labiaHi! I’ve been really concerned about my large asymmetrical labia, and lots of wrinkles around it, since I am only 19 now. It all started when my friend told me that my vagina looked like a “chewed sausage”. She didn’t say it in a mean way, but for me, as I have always been very insecure about my labia, it has added up a lot. I keep noticing more wrinkled skin, clitoris hood becoming larger and I am only on the way to accept myself. I went through so many pages, photos, and stories on your website and I wanted to say thank you for making us see that we’re not alone and we’re beautiful just the way you are. I am too afraid to have sex for the first time or let someone go down on me because of this problem, but at least now I know I am not abnormal. It’s a long way and one day I will accept the way my vagina looks. I hope my photo will make someone feel more comfortable about their labia! x

Thank you for sharing your story and lovely picture.

I’m not sure how someone could say that your vulva looks like a “chewed sausage” without saying this in a mean way. It’s an insensitive comment and based on your picture, definitely not true.

I’m so glad to hear that by discovering the Labia Project, you have realized that you are not abnormal.

It sounds like you still have some way to go in order to reach a point of self-acceptance, but you are well on your way there 🙂

Clare xo

Learning to love my larger labia that hangs

Hi! I am 15 and have a larger labia that hangs. Just about 30 minutes ago I was looking at labiaplasty procedures and then discovered this page. I had that “wow” moment when I realized that I’m not the only one with a longer labia as I saw some pictures. I’ve talked to friends before and it sounds like they have a very different vulva than mine, it always made me insecure especially when I thought of what guys would think. But in just 30 minutes I have loved my large labia more than I ever have. So thank you for this blog and all the wonderful ladies that are embracing what they have.

I am so happy to hear that the Labia Project has managed to make such a big difference to your self-image in such a short time.

They say that “information is power”, and this includes information about your body and about what is normal. By educating yourself about your body, you can change your self-image, and this can change your life!

Clare xo

Our bodies are amazing and unique

Hi, I just wanna say that even though it can be scary, our bodies are amazing and unique and that’s so beautiful!

If we were all absolutely the same, what would it be like?

We are often given ideas of what to expect, yet it’s just not real!

So it’s good to get used to things as they are!

The reality of it, if we can love it, enjoy it! Something unique is so good!

I hope you can enjoy what you have!!

You can! It’s worthy! You are worthy!

Normal fear to have, but doesn’t mean that it will make everything go bad, even if it’s unusual at first!

Some foods I didn’t like, then I tried them and now I love them!

Sometimes it’s hard learning a new skill, but then it’s amazing and I’m so happy I started!!

Intimacy sometimes takes time and care!

We are meeting each other’s unique bodies!!!

Thank you for sharing your profound and inspirational insights!

Clare xo

Picture of my vulva

Picture of my vulvaHello Clare! Thanks a lot for your project. i really find it amazing and helpful. I want to contribute a picture of my vulva to let everybody know that we are all different and that is fine! I am 46 years old, mother of two, and Mexican.

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

Clare xo

My labia are way too big

I’m 14 and I’ve struggled with being insecure my whole life. My vagina has been one of the main insecurities I have. I feel like my labia are way too big and I hate the way they look.

It is a good thing that you have decided to open up about your insecurities at this age, as this will allow you to confront (and hopefully overcome) your insecurities early on.

Many girls don’t do so, and instead carry those insecurities around into adulthood, allowing them build up and to take over their lives.

You are at an age where you are discovering your body and your sexuality. Girls your age experience insecurities about many aspects of their bodies, which are changing and developing.

There is a big range of labia sizes and shapes which are considered “normal”. You are normal. Having labia that are smaller than yours is normal. So is having labia that are larger than yours.

The perception out there that tiny, tucked-in labia are attractive, is changing with time, and the Labia Project is part of the movement to break down that misconception. Please continue to educate yourself though this resource and others that are out there.

Clare xo

I don’t like the appearance of my vulva

I don't like the appearance of my vulva  disgusting labiaingrown hair on labiaHi there! 23 year old American mom of two! Like most other women here (and around the world) I don’t like the appearance of my vulva – the whole thing just offends my eyes. Both sets of labia, the clit, the vaginal opening…every piece has it’s own little flaw (in my mind) that eats away at me all the time. It’s bothered me since I was 14!

I’ve never heard any complaints, and in fact have received compliments from more than one partner! But does that change my opinion? Unfortunately, no.

The appearance of my “lady bits” has caused me more psychological and emotional discomfort than any other part of my body, and that’s saying a lot (not getting into that). I think about it in the shower, during sex or masturbation, going to the restroom, or even just getting dressed! Any time I’m bare, I stop to look and I’m always saddened by what I see.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at photos of vulva (including my own) trying to make myself feel better. I look in the mirror often trying to find the “positives”. I read about women who get labiaplasty and are still unhappy with their appearance and nothing really helps.

I hate that my outer labia are lacking volume. I hate the color, length, shape, assymetry, “floppiness” and “sloppiness” of my inner labia. And I hate that my vaginal opening appears so wideset and the vaginal canal is so exposed.

I recently got into a long distance relationship and of course we exchange pictures often. Sending pictures of my pussy make me so uncomfortable but I do it because I feel like I “have to”.

I know they’re normal, why can’t I just accept it?

Thank you for being brave enough to open up about your insecurities.

The first thing that I need to assure you of, is that you are not alone. The Labia Project owes its existence to the fact that millions of women out there experience insecurities regarding their vulvas.

The second thing that I need to tell you is that although it’s clear that you are hurting and struggling to accept your body, you have already overcome one massive hurdle. You said “I know they’re normal”. The logical part of your brain already knows that your labia are normal. This means that you know that the problem is an internal one rather than an external one.

Make no mistake, dealing with internal insecurities is not easy. It’s a long road, and healing cannot happen overnight. It will involve confronting your insecurities head-on, which is an uncomfortable process.

If you are able to speak to a professional (such as a psychologist or counselor), I advise you to do so. These professionals have ethical duties of confidentiality, so they would not divulge what you share with them. Talking through your insecurities is an important part of confronting them.

You are also welcome to reach out to me anytime you want to share your thoughts and insecurities. The philosophy of this project is to provide a caring and non-judgmental space to open up and heal.

Clare xo

The Benefits of Masturbation

I am often contacted by women who experience shame and insecurity with their bodies and are unable to enjoy masturbation or sex. There are also many taboos around discussing masturbation, especially in conservative environments where it is still considered a dirty deed. The truth is that masturbation is a great way to get in touch with your body (excuse the pun!) and is absolutely normal. Just about everyone does it, and it can lead to many benefits to your health and wellbeing! Check out this informative and lighthearted video about the benefits of masturbation: