4 inch labia minora measurement

4 inch labia minora measurementI have always had long labia minora and I decided to measure them today to see how big they actually are. I have a 4 inch labia minora measurement on the one side and 3 inches on the other side. Here is a picture of the measurement of the longer side. Is it normal for the sizes to be uneven like this? I do not have any physical discomfort but is 4 inches too long?

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Labia asymmetry (having one side of the labia different from the other) is very common and completely normal. One study estimated that almost half of all women have labia asymmetry to some extent (some is just more obvious than others).

Labia sizes also vary hugely. This study found that while 4cm (1.7 inches) was the average labia minora size among participants, labia lengths among participants ranged hugely, and included labia that were 10cm (4 inches) long.

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