Abnormally large labia

hi, I’m 15 and have what i would say is abnormally large labia with a clitoral hood unlike any other that i’ve seen on here. I’ve decided not to have sex for a while anyway but have got a boyfriend and as we’re both virgins I’m terrified of what sort of reaction he’d have. I wouldn’t see it as an option anymore but i did research into labiaplasty for a while. Anyway, a while ago we had talked about how all women have different looking vulvas and left it at that until recently when he brought it back up and asked if I had a longer labia and you can bet I didn’t want to admit that from a build up of how embarassed I am of it. I’ve been looking at this blog for a while now and although it has helped me to come to terms with myself within reason, I’m nowhere near happy with what I do have downstairs. I’ve seen the whole “look in a mirror” thing but honestly I don’t think it can help me anymore 🙁

The reason your vulva looks unlike any that you’ve seen on the Labia Project is that no two vulvas are alike. Your uniqueness makes you special, and is a beautiful thing.

I’m glad that the Labia Project has helped you, to some extent, to come to terms with your labia, but it sounds like you still have some way to go in order to fully overcome your insecurities.

It sounds like you are assuming that your boyfriend’s preference is for smaller labia rather than larger labia. The reality is that for most guys, it doesn’t make a difference whether a partner’s labia is bigger or smaller, and some guys even prefer larger labia.

You should only take the step of engaging in sexual activity when you are ready to do so. Part of being ready is being comfortable with your own body, and being comfortable with your partner.

Clare xo

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  1. Kim flores

    Hi, I just wanna say that even though it can be scary, our bodies are amazing and unique and that’s so beautiful!
    If we were all absolutely the same, what would it be like?
    We are often given ideas of what to expect, yet it’s just not real!
    So it’s good to get used to things as they are!
    The reality of it, if we can love it, enjoy it! Something unique is so good!

    I hope you can enjoy what you have!!
    You can! It’s worthy! You are worthy!
    Normal fear to have, but doesn’t mean that it will make everything go bad, even if it’s unusual at first!
    Some foods I didn’t like, then I tried them and now I love them!
    Sometimes it’s hard learning a new skill, but then it’s amazing and I’m so happy I started!!
    Intimacy sometimes takes time and care!
    We are meeting each other’s unique bodies!!!


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