Abnormally large pubic mound

I’m 18 years old and ever since from a young age I’ve had an abnormally large pubic mound. I’ve always been insecure about it because I can’t wear certain types of clothing, since the pubic mound sticks out so much. When I wear tighter pants, two pronounced lines will form between my thighs and the public mound, outlining the entire area, not to mention that it also looks almost as if I have male genitalia.  I have never had sex, and I’m self conscious to because not only is my public mound large, but my vulva is chubbier too. This combination makes it so that my clitoris and vagina are completely engulfed my fat / skin. I don’t know what to do 🙁

Thank you for sharing your story.

A large mons pubis (the medical term for the pubic mound) can be caused by different factors in different women. It may be caused by having a prominent pubic bone, or it could be caused by excess fat or loose skin in the area.

It is often prevalent among women who are overweight, and in those cases, a general weight loss program can also help with reducing the size of the pubic mound. Where the mons pubis is disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body and is caused by excess fat in the area, many women choose to get liposuction to have the fat removed. While this may seem like an attractive option and a quick-fix, I would only recommend this in severe cases and as a last resort, where other alternatives do not help.

With regard to your concerns about the mons pubis sticking out in certain clothing, plain black pants can help to make it less prominent (in addition to being generally flattering and slimming). Loose-fitting clothing will also help to make it less apparent.

Clare xo

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