Australian Classification Board decides which vaginas are offensive

The images of women portrayed in mainstream porn generally depict them as having small, tucked in labia. This has led to an increase in labia surgery on the part of women who feel societal pressure to conform to unrealistic standards. The video below is a clear illustration of how the porn industry and even the government deliberately skews the perception of what is normal when it comes to female genitalia.

The video depicts how the Australian Classification Board has decided that in soft porn, if a vagina has excess tissue, it may be labelled as “offensive”. As a result, porn companies must digitally edit or remove parts of the labia, leading to only one type of vagina see in porn magazines.

This begs the questions: How can one type of labia be deemed offensive? What is the basis for determining what a “proper” vagina looks like? Why is this a discussion at all?

Note: the video depicts graphic visuals, and viewer discretion is advised.

Clare xo

One thought on “Australian Classification Board decides which vaginas are offensive

  1. Stef P.

    I’m so deeply grateful for this blog and the great videos! You made me see that I’m absolutely “normal”. I guess that was what I needed to accept myself. Thank you a thousand times! You made me cry – because I’m lucky now 🙂 .
    Lovely greetings from Germany


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