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Labia majora fused together with labia minora after labiaplasty

labia majora fused together with labia minora botched labiaplastyI got a labiaplasty 4 months ago and got my labia majora fused together with labia minora. My labia are still rubbing on my underwear and getting caught up. I am very disappointed with the results and feel like I got mutilated by my surgeon. I have gone through a lot of anxiety for nothing. 10 years I waited to get the courage to go through with the surgery and I finally got it done. Here I am still insecure still bothered by it every day of my life.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your pictures and your story. It is so important for experiences like yours to be shared. Women view labiaplasty surgery as a quick-fix, but it often leads to more harm than good, and many womens’ expectations are not met. The surgery can often also get botched, with the labia majora fused together with labia minora, or too much tissue being removed.

A huge industry has developed around what is known as “labiaplasty revision surgery”, which is surgery for women who are unhappy with their labiaplasty results and are looking to reverse or re-do the procedure in the hope of getting a better result. The term “labiaplasty revision surgery” is actually a misnomer, as a labiaplasty can never be reversed completely. At best, the process can result in the aesthetic appearance being somewhat similar to the pre-surgery appearance.

I don’t encourage anyone to undergo labiaplasty surgery without first seeing a counsellor, psychologist or other professional to either attempt to assist them to accept their body as it is, or to manage the emotional consequences of going through with the surgery.

I hope that things get better for you, and that you are able to manage the discomfort as best as you can. I also strongly advise speaking to a professional about your feelings. Opening up in a safe environment is a very important part of the emotional healing process, and one which is often overlooked.

Clare xo

Ugly mole on my outer labia

ugly mole on my outer labiavaginal mole removalI’m 23 and I have this ugly mole on my outer labia. It makes me too embarassed to have sex. How can I get it removed?

Mole removal is generally a very straightforward process that your dermatologist can do in his / her office. Different methods can be used such as shave biopsy and excision.

It is usually done under local anesthetic and is a relatively quick and painless procedure which heals quickly.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

Clare xo

Abnormally long labia

I have abnormally long labia which is very loose, and I absolutely hate it. When I was younger, I would fantasize about cutting it off with scissors.

Compared to other large labias, it’s just so long.

How do I accept it and learn to love it?

Hopefully finding this site was the first big step in your journey towards self-acceptance. You will see that this site features hundreds of submissions by women who experience similar insecurities as you, and who are all absolutely normal.

It would also be a good idea for you to find a qualified professional (counselor or psychologist) who you can open up to and discuss your insecurities with.

Facing the issue head-on is never easy, but it is important to do so. Many people underestimate the power of speaking through things. With insecurities of this sort, it is often the only way to deal with it and get to a point of accepting and embracing the unique beauty that mother nature has blessed you with.

Clare xo

Tear in the crease between the labia

I was waxing today and experienced a tear in the crease between the labia majora and minora. It didn’t hurt immediately but I noticed quite a bit of blood. The wax didn’t pull the skin off, it was just the direction and force that split the skin. Now it burns like hell, especially when I pee. Any advice?

If the bleeding has not stopped, you should go to the ER. If it has stopped, you should consider seeing a doctor. You may also wish to use an antibiotic cream to avoid infection, and calendula cream (which is available from most health stores) can also help. Also, make sure that you keep the area clean at all times.

Most tears in that area heal relatively quickly, so as long as you avoid infection and keep the area clean, you should see an improvement and be feeling better within the next few days.

Clare xo

Sore feeling in my labia minora

i have had this problem all of my life but i never really thought much of it and since taking health class at school i learnt that your labia minora is meant to change in size and shape but i honestly thought it was normal but now i dont cause occasionally i get a burning or rough sore feeling in my labia minora or in the area my clitoris is it also burns when i pee and i can only wear dresses and skirts cause it hurts when i wear tight fitting shorts ,skinny jeans or tights it even hurts when i wear underwear. I dont masterbate and i have only had one boyfriend but we never had sex its only until now its starting to really bother me i am pretty sure i have had this all my life i am now 17 and i get really insecure about it.

Thanks for getting in touch.

While changes in labia minora size are normal, the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing is not.

There are a number of conditions that can cause the symptoms that you describe, including urinary tract infections, a yeast infection (if you have white, clumpy discharge), or bacterial vaginosis.

Your best bet would be to make an appointment with a gynecologist for an examination. That way, you can get an accurate diagnosis and a prescription for the necessary treatment to address the problem. I recommend speaking to your parents about the problem so that they can help you to source the necessary medical attention

I also know that an intimate medical examination can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. It is important to go through with it in order to address the root cause of the problem rather than letting it linger and perhaps get worse by being left unattended.

Good luck and please keep me updated on how things so.

Clare xo

I am so embarrassed of my vagina

I am so embarrassed of my vagina

I am so embarrassed of my vagina. Nothing makes me feel better about it, and I’m terrified to have sex for the first time because of it. All of my friends are having sex or doing things and more importantly I WANT to, but I’m terrified to let anyone touch me or even look at me down there. I don’t know what to do, my Labia minora are huge and my labia majora are a completely different colour to my skin? I am 18 btw

From where I’m sitting, your vulva is completely normal. There is a big spectrum of normal labia minora sizes, and yours are well within that spectrum. There are also many variations in vulva coloration, and it is not unusual for the labia to be darker than the surrounding skin.

Sex can be a daunting experience (especially the first time), as you are sharing your most intimate side with someone else. It is natural to be worried about being judged by your partner.

Most guys would be so thrilled that they are getting some, that they would not be focused on analyzing your vulva and passing judgment. The most important thing is to do it with someone who you feel comfortable with, and who is into you for the right reasons.

Clare xo

Tips on how to prevent queefing

I absolutely hate it when I queef! It sometimes happens during sex with my boyfriend and he always brings it up in public, just by making a fart noise. It has gotten to the point where after he does that, I wouldn’t talk to him for hours because it makes me feel bad. Do you have any tips on how to prevent queefing?

First of all, it sounds like your boyfriend is being very immature about the whole matter. Queefing (the sound of air which gets pushed into the vagina being released) is completely normal, and happens to many women.

Some tips for dealing with queefing during sex:

  • Try having him not thrust so fully. The cause is air being packed in your vagina as his head comes out (or most of the way out). If he stays more deeply submerged, then no air gets packed in.
  • Keep your knees together, and have his knees on the outside of yours.
  • Do it lying flat on your stomach with your legs together.
  • Remind him that it happens because of how perfectly you fit together… “Your big cock fits me so tightly that it makes an airtight seal.” Who could complain after that?

Clare xo

My labia gets pushed in during sex

my labia gets pushed in during sexmeaty labiaSometimes my labia gets pushed in during sex with my husband and that doesn’t feel too nice. If I wear small cute underwear then one can slip out the side of my underwear and it is very uncomfortable. I basically stick to bikini cotton underwear because of it.

You should try out different lubes for sex and find one that works for you. Some are more pricey, but it’s worth it to use a lube that gets rid of the discomfort and avoids your labia from getting pulled in by your husband’s penis when he enters you.

You could also try wearing boyshorts. There are some cute ones available, and this well avoid “slippage” and prevent pinching or tugging of your  labia.

Clare xo

Self conscious of my inner vaginal lips

self conscious of my inner vaginal lips

I recently turned 19 and I’m sexually active. I’m extremely self conscious of my inner vaginal lips. They are long and get caught on my partner’s penis during sex. I sometimes wish I could just cut them off. I’m saving up for surgery so that I can get them reduced.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and picture. Please don’t rush into getting surgery, as it’s a big step and an irreversible procedure. Have a look at this submission from a woman who got labiaplasty surgery and has lived to regret it. 

Your labia look to be within normal range, and your vulva is very pretty if I might be so bold as to say so. I hope that you can come to terms with it and get past your insecurities over time.

There are ways of reducing your discomfort during sexual intercourse without resorting to surgery. You should use a lot of lube to make entry smooth, and try to ensure that he enters you from an angle that avoids your labia getting caught during thrusting motions.

Clare xo