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There are so many different kinds of labia

I’ll be 70 in a couple of months and only saw labia, other than mine, of my baby girl’s and my mother’s, before the internet. All my life, since teenager and adult, I’d been asking myself : do we all look the same ? Am I normal (what is normal ?) ??. I’m not sure for you young women who have seen pictures of other labia on the web whether it has helped you with the appreciation of yours – all I know is that I would have been so much happier to see that there are so many different kinds of labia and never to be worried what you have or have not – if your man loves you, that’s all that matters and never forget that they have different sizes and shapes and are just as worried as you about whether you accept this, find this attractive.

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Clare xo

I love my flower

i love my flowerA new lover in my life told me about  this project. I’m absolutely at a loss for words! I am 47 years old and I have never been proud of my flower!! This is something that has always haunted me and made me feel bad! I finally feel amazing after seeing all these post and seeing flowers just like mine makes me feel empowered I thank you for this! Please women take a look at yourself and realize you are beautiful in all ways! I’m empowered and I love my flower!!

I’m so thrilled that this blog has helped you to feel empowered and beautiful 🙂

Thank you for submitting!

Clare xo

Is it normal to have outie labia

Is it normal to have outie labia? None of my friends have them and I feel like I am the odd one out.

Completely normal. Approximately half of all women have labia minora which protrude from their labia majora (commonly known as “outie labia”). The fact that your friends may not have them is not a fair representation of the diversity that generally exists in womens’ genital anatomy.

There are even women who feel self conscious of having “innie labia” and who believe that having “outie labia” is normal or more attractive.

I believe that the uniqueness of every vulva is what makes it beautiful in its own way. This site is a way of showcasing and celebrating that beauty and diversity, along with breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions that persist about what is “normal”.

Have a look through the Submissions section of the site to get a good idea of the range of “normal” vulvas among the women to visit the site.

Clare xo

My vagina is perfectly fine

My vagina is perfectly fineI’m 22. My previous boyfriend (who had never slept with anyone else and whose only comparisons came from porn) told me that my vagina looked weird and ugly. I had already thought that myself so it was really hurtful to hear it from him. However, my gyno confirmed that I was healthy and normal and whenever my self-esteem was low, I visited this blog to remind myself that my vagina is perfectly fine. I dumped that boyfriend who didn’t appreciate my unique pussy, I became more self-loving and I’m no longer embarrassed of my body. Sex is a great thing and no insecurities should prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. I wanted to share my vulva because I used to be ashamed, but not anymore. I want others to stop worrying that their bodies are ugly. Ladies, embrace the body you’ve been given. Confidence is sexy. Plus, appearances don’t define who you are. Your body is merely a vessel that allows you to experience the world.

P.S. I have a new boyfriend whom I love and who loves me. He builds up my confidence rather than tearing it down. He loves my labia and so do I.

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

It’s wonderful to hear that you have grown to accept your body as it is, and that your new boyfriend does too – he sounds like a keeper!

Clare xo

Labia minora is hidden

Labia minora is hiddenI’m 26 and I’ve been sexual active since I was 15. I’ve had sexual relations with only two partners and I was always insecure about my labia, mostly because the labia majora is way bigger than the minora, so the labia minora is hidden mostly of the time – it’s only visible when I spread my
outer lips open.

And the inner lips concern me too, they’re very small. I always felt like it was going to change through time but it’s stayed the same since I was a teenager and i feel like it’s not an adult woman’s part… and I feel like it may have some influence on how easily I can have an orgasm (mostly I only have it through penetration, never clitoral stimulation).

My husband always says that it’s beautiful which helps. I have known about this project for a while and it has also helped me a little with my insecurities.

Thank you for your submission.

I can assure you that your vulva is absolutely normal. Many women have labia minora which are not visible from the outside of their vulvas unless their labia majora are spread open, while many others have labia minora that protrude from their labia majora.

Even though your labia have remained this way since your teens, they may still change in the coming years – the labia can change throughout adulthood, and you may experience some changes into your 30’s, 40’s and even beyond.

Different women orgasm through different types of stimulation. Some can’t orgasm through penetration and need oral or clitoral stimulation to orgasm, while some need penetration to orgasm. Many women struggle to orgasm at all, so it is great that you are able to orgasm through penetration. This is no something to be concerned about – the important thing is to figure out what makes you feel good and what works for you, and to make the most of it.

Clare xo

My Full Labia

My Full LabiaI’ve often been preoccupied with my full labia. I don’t know if guys mind them but I don’t want to change them.

Thank you for your lovely submission. I’m so happy to hear that you are accepting of your labia!

Clare xo

My vagina is beautiful

Hi girls, I’m brazilian (25 years old). Some time ago I felt embarrassed of my vulva, I found my vulva very ugly. But after seeing the work of an artist featuring a mural with 400 vulvas I began to accept myself, because each vulva is different. Looking at that mural we can observe that each vagina is unique and that sometimes there are some similiar vulvas. But in school we see in books only a type of vagina and the diversity of vulvas isn’t mentioned. So we grew up imagining that there is only that “model vulva” and as most women don’t have that vulva they end up getting embarrassed. These projects on the vulva and the mural of that artist helped me to accept myself and today I am happy with my vagina. My vagina is beautiful! Women don’t be sad, love your vulva! Love your diversity!!!

Note: I’m sorry for grammar mistakes, I’m not fluent in English but I wanted to share my story with you.

Thank you for sharing your story and your message of encouragement!

Clare xo

Vulva Art Project – Sunkissed Vulva

 Sunkissed VulvaThe twenty second picture in the vulva art project is called Sunkissed Vulva. It is an artistically shot photo featuring a naturally hairy vulva in the morning sunlight.

If you are interested in being featured in the Vulva Art Project or would like to find out more about the project, contact me at

Large clitoral hood and long labia

large clitoral hood and long labiaI am 25 years old. I have struggled with the look of my large clitoral hood and long labia for many years. I would have sex with my husband only in the dark when we were first married. He constantly reminded me that he thought my labia were sexy and enjoyed playing with my clitoris. I was eventually able to start loving my labia and wanted to submit my photos to encourage you girls that you are perfect normal and beautiful 🙂

Thank you for your lovely submission and for adding your voice to the cause!

Every picture that is submitted to the site adds to the amazing diversity on the project, and helps to spread the message that all vulvas are unique and beautiful.

Clare xo