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Donate to Help the Labia Project

I run the Labia Project because I am passionate about the cause and about spreading the message of labia diversity and body acceptance.

Keeping the project going takes up a lot of my time, but I am happy to give of my time freely as I believe in this cause. The Large Labia Project has helped thousands of women around the world to come to terms with their insecurities, and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

However, running the project comes with expenses such as domain costs, web hosting fees, and the cost of developing and running special features such as the Vulva Art Project. I am therefore appealing for assistance through donations to help keep the site going and growing from strength to strength. All donations, however big or small, are a huge help.

To make a donation, please click on the donate button below. Donations are anonymous, and can be made securely using PayPal funds, any credit card, and most bank cards. There is also the option of making a once-off donation or a recurring monthly donation.

Flappy labia

flappy labiaI’m 20 years old. As you can see I have flappy labia and this is by far my biggest insecurity. I’m terrified of letting a guy go down on me.

Thank you for being brave enough to submit.

It’s not at all unusual for some women to have more prominent folds in their inner labia than others, and from where I’m sitting, you are perfectly normal.

Please spend some time browsing through the submissions on this site – they are from women all around the world, and you will see just how much diversity there is out there in womens’ genital anatomy.

Clare xo

My Labia Journey – I’ve always had long labia

Long labia

I’m 23 years old. I’ve always had long labia. I used to hate it so much, especially when I saw my sister or my friends’ vaginas and realising how different mine was. I used to dream of cutting them off completely. I eventually decided to do research and I found other women sharing their stories and I quickly realised how normal this was. I started seeing my own labia in a different
light. Now, I love it. I take good care of it. It does still get a bit uncomfortable at times, but its not as hectic as before.

Thank you for sharing your story and your lovely picture.

I’m so happy to hear about your triumphs over your insecurities. Hopefully your submission will help others who have similar insecurities.

Clare xo

Lost volume around my outer labia

Lost volume around my outer labiaI’m 37 years old and over the years I have lost volume around my outer labia and it looks deflated. I have given birth to three children through vaginal deliveries. Is this something I should be worried about? Is there anything I can do to fix this without going through surgery?

It is normal for your vagina to change with age – gravity affects everything, and just as the skin on your face and other parts of your body will wrinkle and sag with age, the same applies to the vulva. The vulva goes through various changes over your life-span, and it is normal for it to sag, get wrinkled and even go grey as you get older.

Your loss of estrogen, which happens with ageing and as you get closer to menopause, can result in your vulva losing some of its plumpness. This is very common, and is known as vulval vaginal atrophy. The vulva can also stretch with childbirth, and while the stretching does not usually have permanent results, women do go through some anatomical changes – babies are big!

There are no lifestyle changes or exercises that can completely reverse this, but living a healthy lifestyle can help to slow down the effects of ageing on the vulva (as with other parts of the body).

Clare xo

Self conscious about how my labia and clit look

self conscious about how my labia and clit lookI am a 27 year old mother of 3. I have always been self conscious about how my labia and clit look. It got to the point that I didn’t even feel like I was a woman. I wouldn’t even let my husband look at me. I guess what scared me was my previous ex told me that I didn’t look like all of the other girls he had been with. It has gotten to the point that it steals my joy constantly. So I guess really I need some advice on how to get past it and be happy with myself and able to think of myself as a real woman.

Thank you for being brave enough to make a submission and open up about how you are feeling.

There is a common misconception that most women look alike down there. The truth is that all vulvas are different, and there is a huge range of genital diversity that is within “normal” range. Your ex was clearly unaware of this and when he made his unfortunate comment.

Hopefully coming across this site was your first step towards becoming aware of the fact that no two vulvas are alike, and while yours is unique, it is absolutely normal.

Please e-mail me at if you ever want to talk about your feelings in working through your insecurities. It’s not an easy process, but you are not alone – countless women feel the same way you do, and many have managed to overcome the same issues that you are going through.

Clare xo

There are so many different kinds of labia

I’ll be 70 in a couple of months and only saw labia, other than mine, of my baby girl’s and my mother’s, before the internet. All my life, since teenager and adult, I’d been asking myself : do we all look the same ? Am I normal (what is normal ?) ??. I’m not sure for you young women who have seen pictures of other labia on the web whether it has helped you with the appreciation of yours – all I know is that I would have been so much happier to see that there are so many different kinds of labia and never to be worried what you have or have not – if your man loves you, that’s all that matters and never forget that they have different sizes and shapes and are just as worried as you about whether you accept this, find this attractive.

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Clare xo

I love my flower

i love my flowerA new lover in my life told me about  this project. I’m absolutely at a loss for words! I am 47 years old and I have never been proud of my flower!! This is something that has always haunted me and made me feel bad! I finally feel amazing after seeing all these post and seeing flowers just like mine makes me feel empowered I thank you for this! Please women take a look at yourself and realize you are beautiful in all ways! I’m empowered and I love my flower!!

I’m so thrilled that this blog has helped you to feel empowered and beautiful 🙂

Thank you for submitting!

Clare xo

Is it normal to have outie labia

Is it normal to have outie labia? None of my friends have them and I feel like I am the odd one out.

Completely normal. Approximately half of all women have labia minora which protrude from their labia majora (commonly known as “outie labia”). The fact that your friends may not have them is not a fair representation of the diversity that generally exists in womens’ genital anatomy.

There are even women who feel self conscious of having “innie labia” and who believe that having “outie labia” is normal or more attractive.

I believe that the uniqueness of every vulva is what makes it beautiful in its own way. This site is a way of showcasing and celebrating that beauty and diversity, along with breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions that persist about what is “normal”.

Have a look through the Submissions section of the site to get a good idea of the range of “normal” vulvas among the women to visit the site.

Clare xo

My vagina is perfectly fine

My vagina is perfectly fineI’m 22. My previous boyfriend (who had never slept with anyone else and whose only comparisons came from porn) told me that my vagina looked weird and ugly. I had already thought that myself so it was really hurtful to hear it from him. However, my gyno confirmed that I was healthy and normal and whenever my self-esteem was low, I visited this blog to remind myself that my vagina is perfectly fine. I dumped that boyfriend who didn’t appreciate my unique pussy, I became more self-loving and I’m no longer embarrassed of my body. Sex is a great thing and no insecurities should prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. I wanted to share my vulva because I used to be ashamed, but not anymore. I want others to stop worrying that their bodies are ugly. Ladies, embrace the body you’ve been given. Confidence is sexy. Plus, appearances don’t define who you are. Your body is merely a vessel that allows you to experience the world.

P.S. I have a new boyfriend whom I love and who loves me. He builds up my confidence rather than tearing it down. He loves my labia and so do I.

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

It’s wonderful to hear that you have grown to accept your body as it is, and that your new boyfriend does too – he sounds like a keeper!

Clare xo