I have a bad looking vagina

hi. tanks for the safe space you give to share this delicate topic. i am a 20 something year old girl from southern europe (sorry for my bad english) and i recently discovered that i have a bad looking vagina. nobody ever told me so. but i always felt some extra skin down there. so recently i looked down there with a mirror and found out i have a vagina that looks very different from a porn star one. which is fine, of course. but also i think i have seen only maybe one foto of a vulva that looks similar to mine (and she got a labioplasty). i think also i have a hooded clitoris, because i seem to have a lot of skin there too, not only on my big asymmetrical brown labia. also i am vary hairy. i tried to shave a little bit to show it better but i failed. the weird thing is that from the clitoris seems to depart two “cord” that continue on the labia. the hood and the labia seem fused together and the labia get big, thick and of a weird shape. anyways…. i don’t really think much of it and i hope it will not affect any part of my life because it does not seem a big deal to me, but i am very aware. i am pretty confident of everything else. also i chose not to shave much down there and if i don’t spread the legs like on a doctor appointment i don’t think it will be very visible. to a future guy i can say i don’t like being touched or else so he will notice it but will not think much of it seeing i act normal. because i am fully functional woman anyways. but i will admit that i am open to the possibility of a labioplasty in my future, i am active and i move a lot and sometimes the labia are itchy and it feels like my long labia get in the way with self hygene. or maybe i am just fine. i don’t know. i have not developed a strong idea about my vulva yet. i feel better after having shared my little story. i am not sure of wanting my photo public. please dont’t. i have to think more about it. but for the story i am ok thanks.

Thank you for sharing. I have not published your photo as per your request to keep it private.

Based on your photo, I can assure you that you are perfectly normal. While it is possible to identify certain broad vulva types (such as innies vs outies), the reality is that no two vulvas are exactly alike, and each one is unique. This is why you have not found others on the internet that look like yours. This does not mean that you are abnormal in any way.

It’s clear that you are experiencing serous insecurities, and I’m so glad that you have found this resource and been brave enough to open up about how you have been feeling. You are not alone in feeling this way, and it is possible to overcome your insecurities. The key is to confront them, as uncomfortable as this will be, and to educate yourself so that your self-image is not shaped by misconceptions about what is normal.

It is also very helpful to be able to confide in someone you are comfortable with. This could be a family member, a friend or a counselor / therapist. The important thing is for you to trust the person and be comfortable sharing this area of your life with them. You are, of course, welcome to write to me anytime to you need to talk.

Clare xo

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