Beautiful diversity of labias

beautiful diversity of labiasFirst of all I wanna thank you for creating this amazing website and making it possible to see the beautiful diversity of labias.

I’m 19 and since I’ve been a pre teen i always worried about the look of my labia. I have asymmetrical lips and it was always an insecurity that I had.

In the past I’ve had friends who were not very educated in the diversity of labias and they made comments about larger labias being “ugly” and “slutty”, of course that made me even more insecure and I was afraid to sleep with any guy because they way I look down there.

Thanks to websites like yours, my confidence level is better, but not perfect yet. I hope that one day all women will see the beauty that labias have (no matter if you have smaller lips or larger ones) and that we will not be ashamed or insecure about them anymore.
Keep up the good work and thank you for creating this site.

Thank you for sharing <3

Clare xo

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