Big Labia Minora

big labia minoraI always hated my big labia minora, but I realized guys don’t care. I have noticed they care more about having bigger boobs or a bigger butt, but that’s a different story. I think it’s silly I even had the insecurities I had about my vagina. Also, guys feel the same way about their penises being too big or too small/circumcised vs uncircumcised.

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

You are 100% correct that generally, guys don’t care if you have outie or innie labia, or if your labia minora are more or less prominent. Many womens’ insecurities around this, cause them to hold back on allowing themselves to enjoy their sexual experiences.

Clare xo

3 thoughts on “Big Labia Minora

  1. anonymous

    i have a bigger one to and it’s not good that i’m insecure about it rn because i’m only 14. I just feel like at this age people are more insecure nowadays and are pressured to do things with boys. mine looks exactly like the one in the picture and i’m afraid boys will reject me for it because I don’t know how to love it yet or how they prefer it and I’m close to having sexual experiences but I haven’t yet. any advice?

    1. Allie

      Don’t have sex until you found a guy that likes you for you. Make sure you feel safe and comfortable enough to express yourself before going all the way. Good luck!


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