Big Labia Pictures to Share

big labia leaning back big labia side view big labia standing upright big labia thighs raisedHello, I’m 41 years old and from France. I discovered your site and really found it helpful. Testimonies are so useful for acceptance and to feel normal… I decided to send you pictures because I felt that some girls and women made an effort to send some, and clearly it is so useful, in addition to words. Because with only words, you can still think “oh yes these girls say they have big labia but actually there surely aren’t like mine”… so thank for everything and keep on!

Thank you for your lovely message and for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Clare xo

One thought on “Big Labia Pictures to Share

  1. Bonnie

    It’s wonderful to see a more mature woman confident in sharing photos of the most intimate area of her body. You are simply beautiful and natural, the lighting highlights your features nicely. This is quite artistic photography and worthy of being displayed in any serious art gallery.


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