Birthmark on my vagina

birthmark on my vaginaI have spent my entire life HATING my vagina. When I was 13 years old I cried out to my mother to ask what on earth was going on down there. I refused to get changed in public change rooms and would hide in the toilet. I not only have large labia but I have a birthmark on my vagina which I have always felt embarrassed by. I could never wear a bikini opting for boyshort and tank style. Into my 20s I had kids and one labia significant shrunk??!!! I looked at women in porn and confirmed my suspicions… I was a freak of nature no one else had a vagina like me. Nearly 30 and I was researching labiaplasty and decided this was my only option… Then I found this website and scrolled through picture after picture of sister flesh!!! I have now been completely put off the labiaplasty since hearing the risks. My husband of nearly 10 years had never understood my morbid desire to cut off my lips and is relieved to hear me change my mind. We have amazing sex even after all these years! Maybe it’s my labia responsible for my multiple orgasms, no way in hell I wanna lose that!!! I may not find my vulva beautiful but shes practical and gets the job done. Still shaking my head, can’t believe I was considering risking losing the best sensation in life!

Thank you for sharing your lovely story and picture 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear that you have managed to overcome your insecurities and see the positives!

Clare xo

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