How can I learn to love my long labia?

how can i learn to love my labiaI am 18 and I have had a love hate relationship with my labia since I discovered they where on the larger side. My boyfriend says he loves my vagina but Im afraid that he only says that because he doesnt want to hurt my feelings. How can I learn to love my long labia?

Thank you for being brave enough to share.

The first piece of news that I need to share with you is that your labia are, in fact, not “on the larger side”. As with many things in life, size is relative, and you are comparing yourself with a very small proportion of women who have smaller labia than yours. Please have a look at this post about a scientific study that was done to determine womens’ “normal” genital dimensions. The results revealed that the range of “normal” labia sizes is huge, and yours definitely fall within normal range.

With regard to your question about how you can learn to love your long labia, there is no easy answer, as every person is different and what works for one person may not work for another. The method described in this article may be a good starting point, and talking about the issue with someone understanding may also help.

Please stay in contact and let me know how your journey goes 🙂

Clare xo

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