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Is there such thing as a pretty vagina?

This satirical video highlights the misinformation among women which has resulted in the idea that women should aspire to have a “pretty vagina”.

The skewed the perception among women of what a normal, healthy vagina should looks like, has resulted in unfounded insecurities and an increase in unnecessary and sometimes harmful cosmetic procedures such as labiaplasty surgery.

Share your story, experience or pictures

This blog is driven by submissions from women who would like to share their stories, experiences and pictures.

Many women who have decided to share their submissions on this blog, have found it to be an empowering experience which has helped them to embrace their uniqueness and come to terms with their body-issues.

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I have implemented new protections to prevent any content from being copied from this site and published elsewhere.

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Your vagina is more beautiful than you think

layla martin30-something Layla Martin is widely considered to be a sex expert.¬†Watch her video above, entitled “Your vagina is more beautiful than you think”. The video features a photo shoot that she arranged with a group of women to capture the difference between how they saw their own vulvas and how their lover saw their vulvas.

The best part for me was to see the reaction of the men. We are so hard on ourselves as women, and the reaction of the men in the video shows that there truly are mature and sensitive men out there who see the beauty in the uniqueness of their lovers, and who are not superficial and over-critical assholes.

Clare xo

My vagina looks like a turkey

Do you ever think to yourself “my vagina looks like a turkey”? If the answer is yes, this video is for you. Hannah shares some great insights and tips on the main causes of insecurities concerning the vagina, and how to accept and embrace your vagina with all its flaps and dangly bits.

Chart of vagina types

This chart of vagina types shows some of the many variations in appearance of the female genital anatomy. Do any of them look similar to yours?

If you would like to be featured on a future chart, send a picture shot against a white background, with you in a standing position, to

chart of vagina types

Labiaplasty revision surgery for botched labiaplasty

Is it possible to get labiaplasty revision surgery for botched labiaplasty surgery?

Many plastic surgeons offer a procedure called labiaplasty revision surgery, specifically aimed at people who have undergone a labiaplasty and are unhappy with the results.

Most often, revision surgery is sought when the doctor has removed too much skin during the procedure, where the patient’s expectations from the labiaplasty were not met, or where the original surgery was botched.

Based on my research, it seems that the revision procedure involves using techniques to try to restore the appearance of the labia to the pre-surgery condition.

Contrary to what many people think, labiaplasty revision surgery for botched labiaplasty does not involve reattaching the skin that was removed originally. Most often, it is really a second labiaplasty aimed to achieve a better result than the first, rather, than being a revision in the true sense of the word.

I generally do not encourage or support any form of surgery on the labia unless this is medically necessary – certainly not only for cosmetic reasons.

Given that it is also usually not possible to make the labia look exactly as they did before the original labiaplasty surgery, the decision to undergo labiaplasty surgery should not be taken lightly. It should be taken after receiving expert medical advice from a responsible plastic surgeon (and not one out to make a quick buck), and after thorough soul-searching.

Clare xo

Picture of different types of labia

picture of different types of labia

This picture of different types of labia illustrates the huge range of variations of vulva among different women. All of them are absolutely normal and beautiful in their uniqueness.

It is a pity that there is so much miseducation out there regarding what is normal when it comes to the female anatomy, both among women and men. This blog aims to change that and to spread the message that there is no single standard of “normality” when it comes to vulva and labia appearance among women.

Does your vulva / labia look similar to any in the collage? What unique traits and characteristics does yours have?

Clare xo

Australian Classification Board decides which vaginas are offensive

The images of women portrayed in mainstream porn generally depict them as having small, tucked in labia. This has led to an increase in labia surgery on the part of women who feel societal pressure to conform to unrealistic standards. The video below is a clear illustration of how the porn industry and even the government deliberately skews the perception of what is normal when it comes to female genitalia.

The video depicts how the Australian Classification Board has decided that in soft porn, if a vagina has excess tissue, it may be labelled as “offensive”. As a result, porn companies must digitally edit or remove parts of the labia, leading to only one type of vagina see in porn magazines.

This begs the questions: How can one type of labia be deemed offensive? What is the basis for determining what a “proper” vagina looks like? Why is this a discussion at all?

Note: the video depicts graphic visuals, and viewer discretion is advised.

Clare xo

Interviews with a labiaplasty patient and surgeon

The New Zealand Herald published this informative video featuring interviews with a labiaplasty patient and surgeon.

They describe their different perspectives and experiences regarding labia reduction surgery, the reasons women go for it, and the physical and psychological results of the surgery on the patient.

The video also features interviews with researchers in the field who have found that labiaplasty surgery is heavily promoted by cosmetic surgeons even in cases where it is not necessary, as it is very profitable for them.

The video provides a balanced picture regarding the topic, and the main message in the video is that getting a labiaplasty is a big personal decision which should be taken after careful thought, and which should be done as a last resort if you are not able to make peace with your body as it is.

Watch the video here: