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The Vagina Whisperer – Tami Lynn Kent

Watch this fantastic video from the Tedx Talks series, featuring Tami Lynn Kent (nicknamed the vagina whisperer). She is a womens health physical therapist who works on the muscles and organs of the pelvis. She discusses the emotional pain and shame that many women associate with their bodies, and how to overcome it.

Percentage of women with outies, and other polls

My polls and surveys are continuing to run, and I decided to put up an update on the results given that each poll has been completed by nearly 2 000 participants. Because of the large number of participants, the results are now more representative than ever.

The innie vs outie vagina poll reveals that 74% of participants have outie labia (inner labia that are visible through the outer labia).

In the pubic hair poll, nearly half of all women (45%) remove all of their pubic hair, which shows that while it remains fashionable to remove the pubic hair, it is not nearly as popular as it used to be, with more than half of all women keeping their pubic hair to some extent.

The vulva color poll reveals that 76% of women have darker skin on their vulva compared to the skintone on the rest of their bodies.

Lastly, in the labia asymmetry poll, 66% of women reported having asymmetrical labia (one side bigger or longer than the other).

Vulva education

vulva education

Most women use the term “vagina” to describe the outer and inner regions of their genitals. Today’s blog post aims to spread some vulva education 🙂

Clare xo

Wanting to be more involved

Hello! I’m a woman who has a visible labia and also works in the adult industry as I feel it to be part of my soul’s mission to make my body type more normalized. I also just left a response to a “roast beef” slander meme today in support of women’s bodies that left me blocked from the entire group. I would really like to become involved in a larger movement in support of this, so I am just wondering if there are ways I could volunteer or otherwise get more word out about this project? I wouldn’t want to use the name without getting in contact with you guys first! Thank you for reading and I hope this finds you well and that you are having a good day.

It’s great that you want to become involved in the important movement that the Labia Project represents. The challenge of normalizing perceptions around larger labia becomes easier with committed people joining the cause.

You’re most welcome to spread awareness about the Labia Project in any way that you can.

May I ask what you do in the adult industry? Have you ever been treated differently (either in a good way or a bad way) because of your visible labia?

Clare xo

What is labia puffing and is labia puffing safe?

labia puffingIt seems that there are new products and procedures on the market every day which are aimed at profiting from womens’ insecurities with their vulvas (or helping them to address their insecurities, depending on how you see things). The latest craze is called labia puffing. So what exactly what is labia puffing, and is labia puffing safe? I did some research to learn more about what it involves. Here’s what I managed to find out…

Labia puffing is a non-surgical treatment which involves injecting fat (from another part of the body), or dermal fillers, into the labia. The treatment is done to boost volume or remove wrinkles. Think of it as a botox treatment for the labia.

The procedure takes around half an hour. Many women are undergoing it as an alternative to surgical measures such as labiaplasty surgery, as it is less expensive and is perceived to be less invasive.

If a woman’s own fat is being used for the injection, this is usually taken from the abdomen or thigh area.

Given that labia puffing is a very new treatment, very little is known about its potential risks or adverse long-term effects on the body. For instance, there is limited information on whether it can lead to a loss of sensitivity in the nerve endings in the long-term. For this reason, my advice would be to wait until more is known about the procedure before taking the leap and going through with it.

Zoe Buckman Champ Art Installation Celebrates Empowerment

Zoe Buckman ChampFeminist voices are becoming more and more prevalent in society, and a public art installation in Hollywood by Zoe Buckman shows just how far we’ve come. Standing a whopping 43 feet tall and measuring 9 feet in diameter, the installation named “Champ” features a glowing white neon outline of a uterus with fiberglass boxing gloves in place of ovaries.

The installation is a loud, proud, public symbol of female empowerment, speaking to reproductive rights, advocacy around domestic violence, and womens’ health awareness. It is situated at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue in front of The Standard, Hollywood.

As an artist, Zoe uses neon, embroidery, sculpture, and photography, and explores themes of feminism and systems of oppression. She studied at the International Center of Photography, and is based in New York. She is an accomplished artist whose work has been featured in many leading galleries in the US and abroad over the past few years.

She is a bold and unapologetic feminist, and I will certainly be following her future work and her career.

Viva la Vulva Libresse Advert

I am absolutely in love with this courageous and creative Libresse advert called Viva la Vulva. It’s about women learning to embrace vulva diversity and move toward body acceptance. The existence of this advert confirms that we HAVE come a long long way together.

Abnormally large labia sympathy card

abnormally large labia sympathy cardI came across this abnormally large labia sympathy card which is a harsh reminder of how insensitive some people can be.

Instead of conveying real sympathy, the card plays on the insecurity of women with larger labia who experience discomfort from their clothing. The clear message that it coveys is that large labia are abnormal and a legitimate source of shame, which is completely false.

It disgusts me that someone (probably a male chauvinist pig) took the time to create it.

Fendi labia scarf creates a stir

labia scarfFashion house Fendi has released a “labia scarf” – a neck scarf which resembles a vulva with labia folds, complete with fur resembling pubic hair.

Although the fashion house did not intend for the $1 000 scarf to look like a vulva, the similarities are striking, and the scarf created a social media frenzy.

The scarf has sold out online, with sales largely fueled by the attention that it got on social media due to its resemblance to a vulva.

As the old saying goes, “sex sells”!