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Broken vulva

broken vulvahi! this blog is a gorgeous idea, i’m so happy to have found it. i’m french so excuse my clumsy english, but i want to share a picture of my “broken vulva” after an accident that I had 4 months ago. I “broke” it sliding in a stair’s banister on which there were small pieces of metal that i had not seen because of the night. My crotch made lot of blood and i was scared so i went to the hospital where all the doctors were indelicate men. I had an epidural and 7 stitches. It happened 1 month after the first time i had sex so in a short period of my life, a dozen people have seen my vulva, she who had never seen anyone in 21 years of life. it’s an important episode for me and I wanted to share with benevolent women. thank you.

Ouch, that sounds terribly painful (not to mention scary), and I’m sorry that to top it all off, you had to go through the embarrassment of many doctors seeing your most intimate regions.

Thank you for sharing your experience – sharing often helps with processing the trauma of an experience like this.

It looks, from your picture, like you are on the road to recovery, and things are healing up well.

Clare xo

The reason I have such long labias

My name isn’t all that common so I don’t really want to put my first name out there. But I am 23 years old and I’ve been sexually active since I was 14. I’ve had multiple different sexual partners and to make me feel more down about my self as I have my whole life about my body, every guy I have done anything with as far as sexual, has made the comment that the reason I have such long labias was because of having a decent amount of partners. Now the thing is I have had long labias ever since I can remember. And I would watch porn and look at the women in the videos and wonder why mine wasn’t like theirs. And of course the first thing that pops into your head when your young and don’t understand is maybe it’s because I was very active with my sexuality and that I was a freak and many other horrible things I called my self. Then one day some one brought it to my attention that it had nothing to do with sex. And the second question going off in my mind was why am I thing only one that has this? Up until tonight I thought I was alone. I was googling, just being board because I can’t fall asleep and this amazing project popped up. Now I’m surely not confident what so ever to put my body out like that but this blog made me feel normal. And it gave me peace knowing I’m not the only one that has this.

First off, I have a strict policy of never publishing any names or other information that can identify submitters, so you don’t need to have any concerns about that.

I’m so glad to hear that the Labia Project has helped you to realize that you are normal, and that you are feeling better about yourself after browsing through the site.

It is a common myth that lots of sexual activity causes the labia to stretch and causes the vagina to become “loose”. This is completely untrue – the skin down there is very elastic and does not undergo any permanent changes from “ordinary” sexual activities.

Mainstream porn also creates a distorted picture of what a normal vulva looks like. The vulvas of most porn actresses do not represent the average woman’s vulva, and this has helped to spread misconceptions about what is “normal” and attractive.

You will have seen from many of my posts that one of my aims is to break down harmful stereotypes around what is “normal” when it comes to womens’ genital anatomy, and to spread education around diversity.

Clare xo

Feeling self conscious about my inner labia

I have been feeling self conscious about my inner labia since I was 11, I am 16 now. Porn has made me feel embarrassed about my own vagina’s appearance and I dread at the thought of ever having a sexual partner looking at them. I dislike how they chafe or get pressed against my
inner thighs and vagina when I sit. It makes me feel irritated when I do notice the sensation of them. They also appear to make my clitoral hood larger! Is it normal to have darker genitals than the rest of your body? Is it safe to bleach your genitals? What can be done to reduce the size of my inner labia?

I am sorry to read about your discomfort with your labia. Unfortunately, pornography distorts reality because it represents one narrow version of all the labia (and penises) out there. In truth, our entire vulvas and labia come in all sizes, shapes and colors. It is perfectly normal to have genitals that are darker shades than your skin tone. After viewing many labia over the years, it is clear that variety is the norm, not the shiny, waxed, bleached and smallish labia seen in porn.

My concern for you is that you are stressing over a future partner’s imagined reaction to your labia—when a future partner may love and adore your vulva and labia just as they are. He or she may not want a porn-star vulva! As important, if you go into a relationship thinking there’s something wrong with you, your lack of self confidence—not what your labia look like—is what will turn off a partner. But if you go into a relationship thinking your vulva and labia are badass beautiful, your partners will most likely agree and love your confidence. However, if you lack confidence, you will give your power to the other person by basing how you feel on whether he or she gives you their approval. Ask yourself honestly, would you want to be with someone who doesn’t accept you fully? Would you want to start a relationship feeling “less than?”

If your labia feel uncomfortable, wearing skirts or looser clothing can help. While some women opt to do labiaplasty to reduce the size of their labia, it is not a procedure I’d recommend due to the risk of complications and potential for diminished function. Just do a quick google search for “botched labiaplasty” and you may feel different about this risky surgery.

As for bleaching genitals, there are products on the market for doing so, but I do not recommend bleaching. While some bleaching products have fewer toxic ingredients than others, your genital tissues are fragile, mucous membranes can be burned by chemicals, and you and may have a negative reaction to the chemicals in bleaching products.

I hope that you can reach a place of accepting your labia and celebrating them just as they are. Remember, porn stars are bleached, waxed, some achieve the look through surgery—and none of it is accurate for how most women really look.

Take care, Jane

My labia minora are out

my labia minora are outspread hairy vaginahairy vulvaI am 25. When I was younger, I used to hate my vulva, because I thought it was not normal and that people would make fun of me because of it. I compared myself to other girls, and felt desperately different because my labia minora are out. At that time, I felt that surgery would be the only solution, even if I had no health problem with my vulva.

Then time has passed. Fortunately, I didn’t have the operation. Instead, I learnt about self-acceptance and body positivity. Progressively, I try to love myself as I am, including my vulva. I even feel lucky to have it (I never thought I would say that!) because it helps me question beauty standards. Body diversity is beautiful, no matter what society and especially porn tell us. Don’t listen to people that try to tear you down, you deserve the best.

I also chose not to shave or wax my vulva, because I love my hair. They protect me. You don’t have to feel obligated to wax if you don’t like it too.

Finally, thank you so much for your blog Clare, it helped me to feel better. That is why I felt like I had to participate to your simple yet revolutionary project to help other women too. Remember: you are beautiful just as you are!

Thank you for your lovely submission and for your words of encouragement 🙂

Clare xo

My plump labia

My plump labiaWhen I was younger, I struggled to accept the appearance of my plump labia. I wouldn’t let intimate partners look at me with the lights on and I even developed major insecurities about my ‘manly’ appearance down below.

However, I am married now to a wonderful man who accepts every part of me for who I am. He has been with multiple sexual partners before me, yet has never once compared me to or told me anything other than “I love your Vagina” and insists on going down on me every chance he gets. I am feeling sexy!

Thank you for your lovely submission 🙂

I’m so happy that your husband appreciates you as you are. Many womens’ insecurities stem from their partners making insensitive and ignorant comments about their bodies, and drawing comparisons with other women instead of appreciating the unique beauty of their partners. 

It’s also great that you are so comfortable with your body and your sexuality!

Clare xo

Negative relationship with my labia

Negative relationship with my labiaI am 34 years old and have mostly a negative relationship with my labia. I am terrified to take on new lovers, which, at this point in my life isn’t conducive to meeting a future father for the kids I would love to one day have. I have been sexually active since 15 and my body wasn’t always this way. My hope in providing this photo is that I’ll begin to love my labia instead of hating it.

I’m so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing insecurities when it comes to your labia.

Firstly, I need to assure you that you are not alone. The Labia Project owes its existence to the widespread insecurities experienced by women regarding their labia.

Secondly, I need to assure you that you are not only normal, but unique and beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to get the chance to share intimacy with you, and even luckier to father kids with you.

The important thing, before you can let a guy love you, is for you to learn to love yourself. I know that it is easier said than done, but making this submission was a major step in the process. It shows your commitment to getting over your insecurities and reaching a point of self-acceptance in the not-too-distant future.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail anytime you want to share anything on your mind during your journey towards embracing your body.

Clare xo

My vagina looks underdeveloped

my vagina looks underdeveloped no labia minoraI’m 18 years old and I’m extremely embarrassed about how I look down there. I don’t have labia minora and as a result my vagina looks underdeveloped. I have always looked like this. I feel like I still look 13 and I don’t feel attractive or sexy at all. I have pushed guys away because of this and I have not had a long term boyfriend yet. I rarely even date because I am mortified of what guys will think when realize that my vagina looks underdeveloped. Most of my friends have developed down there and have labia minora.

Thank you for your submission.

All women have labia minora, but some womens’ labia minora are hidden inside their labia majora and are not visible except when the labia majora are spread.

I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. You will see from the submissions on this site that many women who have visible labia minora are self-conscious about it and wish that their vulvas looked like yours.

Insecurities like yours are sadly very common too, and I sincerely hope that you will be able to get to a point, one day soon, where you embrace your vulva as it is.

If the guy you are with is truly into you, he won’t care whether you have an “outie vagina” or an “innie vagina”. Most guys really don’t care, and are just excited to be able to be “getting some”.

Feel free to write to me anytime if you would like to talk more about your concerns.

Clare xo

Flappy labia

flappy labiaI’m 20 years old. As you can see I have flappy labia and this is by far my biggest insecurity. I’m terrified of letting a guy go down on me.

Thank you for being brave enough to submit.

It’s not at all unusual for some women to have more prominent folds in their inner labia than others, and from where I’m sitting, you are perfectly normal.

Please spend some time browsing through the submissions on this site – they are from women all around the world, and you will see just how much diversity there is out there in womens’ genital anatomy.

Clare xo

My Labia Journey – I’ve always had long labia

Long labia

I’m 23 years old. I’ve always had long labia. I used to hate it so much, especially when I saw my sister or my friends’ vaginas and realising how different mine was. I used to dream of cutting them off completely. I eventually decided to do research and I found other women sharing their stories and I quickly realised how normal this was. I started seeing my own labia in a different
light. Now, I love it. I take good care of it. It does still get a bit uncomfortable at times, but its not as hectic as before.

Thank you for sharing your story and your lovely picture.

I’m so happy to hear about your triumphs over your insecurities. Hopefully your submission will help others who have similar insecurities.

Clare xo

Lost volume around my outer labia

Lost volume around my outer labiaI’m 37 years old and over the years I have lost volume around my outer labia and it looks deflated. I have given birth to three children through vaginal deliveries. Is this something I should be worried about? Is there anything I can do to fix this without going through surgery?

It is normal for your vagina to change with age – gravity affects everything, and just as the skin on your face and other parts of your body will wrinkle and sag with age, the same applies to the vulva. The vulva goes through various changes over your life-span, and it is normal for it to sag, get wrinkled and even go grey as you get older.

Your loss of estrogen, which happens with ageing and as you get closer to menopause, can result in your vulva losing some of its plumpness. This is very common, and is known as vulval vaginal atrophy. The vulva can also stretch with childbirth, and while the stretching does not usually have permanent results, women do go through some anatomical changes – babies are big!

There are no lifestyle changes or exercises that can completely reverse this, but living a healthy lifestyle can help to slow down the effects of ageing on the vulva (as with other parts of the body).

Clare xo