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Labia come in many forms

labia come in many forms labia formsI truly love that you have this project. Our intimate parts are too often misunderstood as much by us as by men and that makes us self-conscious and full of doubt. Just like penises, labia come in many forms and all are unique, none are wrong. Dodson and others have written much on the positive benefits of taking time to explore ourselves, our labia, and our orgasm. Masturbation is such an effective tool to help us understand ourselves and come to terms with our parts and our individual orgasmic needs and pleasure. We all masturbate more these days so it may go without saying. Masturbation no longer has the mystery and stigma it used to have and we now know it to be healthy and even necessary. What many do not do is slow down, take more time enjoying it and exploring ourselves. It is not just quantity but quality that matters.

I’m not one who normally shares such intimate pictures and not the spring chicken I used to be but if it helps the cause I’m willing. I took time to shave and make it as pleasant as I can. My husband took many and these turned out my best we think. Thanks so much for what you are doing.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your lovely pictures!

Clare xo

I hate how my labia looks.

i’m 15 and absolutely hate how my labia looks. ever since i started masturbating is when i noticed my clit hood grew larger and the skin stretched and made t look absolutely horrible. my labia is a very dark mauve and i am so overly insecure about it. after reading that labiaplasticity is an option i am thoroughly considering it after reading the good reviews it has received. i’m scared that when i am ready for sex boys will not like the appearance of my vagina as it is far from tight and attractive. i know this site promotes self confidence and to love the way ur parts look but i feel like, someone telling me ‘it’s normal and everyone has it’ isn’t going to change my mind on how i view myself.

I’m proud of you for being brave enough to open up about your insecurities.

Undergoing labiaplasty surgery is a personal decision and it’s not my place to tell you not to do so – it’s your body and you are entitled to make your own decisions about it.

That being said, I encourage you to do thorough research so that you can make an informed decision and not an emotional one that you may regret someday. Many women have good labiaplasty experiences and are very happy with the results, but not all of the reviews out there are good, and there are women who regret undergoing the procedure or are disappointed with the results.

You’re also right that telling you that you’re normal is not a quick-fix which will magically make your insecurities disappear. Overcoming insecurities and body issues doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be a long and difficult process to reach a point of self-acceptance. The first step is recognizing the problem and deciding to overcome it. Then the hard work begins.

Clare xo

Genital warts on my perineum?

I really want to thank you for everything you do. The women who send you submissions are brave AND beautiful, and the sum of it all has lead to me feeling more comfortable with myself.

While I don’t have a submission of my own, I did find a submission very close to my own. It’s funny, because seeing the labia on someone else made me feel that it’s beautiful. Isn’t that the way it is though – always our own worst critics.

I also have a question for you, and I hope that you can help me with it. Two years ago, I went to the local sexual health clinic for my usual check up. The doctor was very newly out of medical school. I asked if she could do a visual examination to make sure that everything looked normal, and I explained to her that I feel very self conscious about my bits. She then did the examination and told me that I have genital warts on my perineum, near my vaginal opening, and then provided a freezing treatment. She told me to come back one week later for the next treatment.

There was a different, more experienced doctor the next week, and when I explained to her what I was there for, she said that she couldn’t find any reason for it. I told her that I had kept a steady eye on the area that the first doctor had treated from that first day onwards, and nothing had changed. That second doctor did not do any treatment on me, but asked me to come back in a few days so that her other very experienced colleague could examine me at the same time. They both agreed that although my texture was more “prominent” than some others may be, that it was indeed my natural texture.

That was two years ago. The texture is the same. I went for a checkup, and asked the nurse to do a visual examination, and I provided her with the aforementioned history that I was very paranoid about. She saw the area that I spoke of, asked a few questions about it, and then finished the examination saying that everything looked fine. The thing is, the bumps are still there.

I’m so confused, and worried. I have a committed partner, and I don’t want to put him in harms way, but that is two doctors and a nurse who have given me the okay, but now all that I can think about is that I have a wart causing HPV strain. In fact, I’m so paranoid that even after the nurse said it looked okay, I put cotton batting with apple cider vinegar on that area overnight and ended up burning myself. It’s been about a week and I’m only now starting to heal from that.

I know that labia can be different textures, but is that true for perineum? What could those bumps be? The girl in the submission said that she wasn’t sexually active, which gives me hope, but I’m so lost and worried. I do hope that you can give me some insight.

Ps. I don’t mind if you share my story, but please make it anonymous.

Thank you for sharing your story.

It’s difficult for me to express an informed view on what it could be without seeing what it looks like.

You mentioned HPV (which is commonly known as genital warts and can show up as a group of small bumps anywhere around the vaginal area). That is the most common STI – in fact, it is so common that most sexually active men and women get it at some point during their lifetimes. The body usually clears the infection on its own, so if the bumps were caused by HPV, you may no longer be infectious, and they may be a remnant of a previous infection.

Given your concerns about infecting your partner,  you may wish to undergo a HPV test, which will test for the virus in your system. It’s done as a swab best and can be done together with your routine pap test.

Please let me know your test results in you do undergo the test!

Clare xo

I have always looked different down there

I’m 16 and have always looked different down there. I’m completely flat with very low body fat and a lot of muscle tone. I don’t have any body fat in my mons pubis so I really don’t have a slit or outer labia. My clit hood and inner labia (which are very small) are visible all the time. When I was younger I was very self conscious about being seen naked. I used to hide in the corner in changing rooms. Now, thanks to the labia project and a greater sense of self awareness, I’m no longer self-conscious about being seen naked. I feel good about my body and am thankful that I’m healthy. I may look different, but everyone is different in their own way.

Thank you for sharing your lovely story <3

Clare xo

Beautiful diversity of labias

beautiful diversity of labiasFirst of all I wanna thank you for creating this amazing website and making it possible to see the beautiful diversity of labias.

I’m 19 and since I’ve been a pre teen i always worried about the look of my labia. I have asymmetrical lips and it was always an insecurity that I had.

In the past I’ve had friends who were not very educated in the diversity of labias and they made comments about larger labias being “ugly” and “slutty”, of course that made me even more insecure and I was afraid to sleep with any guy because they way I look down there.

Thanks to websites like yours, my confidence level is better, but not perfect yet. I hope that one day all women will see the beauty that labias have (no matter if you have smaller lips or larger ones) and that we will not be ashamed or insecure about them anymore.
Keep up the good work and thank you for creating this site.

Thank you for sharing <3

Clare xo

Wide labia

wide labiaAllways been uncomfortable with my wide labia. They are about 2 – 3cm wide, but more when they are stretched.

Hi there!

This study found that the average labia minora size among the 657 women who participated, was 4.3cm, and the largest participant’s labia was 10cm long. Yours are therefore well within normal range, and you have nothing to worry about.

Clare xo

I hate the size of my labia

I hate the size of my labiaI’m 18 and still a virgin because I hate the size of my labia. I’m honestly so scared to have sex incase the person I’m with see’s it and leaves because it’s not tidy. I’m really considering labiaplasty.

Thank you for being brave enough to submit and share your insecurities.

There are huge variations in labia size, and more than half of all women have outtie vaginas which would not be considered “tidy” based on the unrealistic standards that the media and mainstream pornography has created.

Based on your picture, yours are well within “normal” range, and you have nothing to worry about. When you meet the right guy for you and decide to have sex, you shouldn’t be worried about being judged because of how your labia look. Your first sexual experience (and, in fact, all sexual experiences) shouldn’t be clouded by anxiety and insecurities, and should be positive and enjoyable.

Please spend some time looking through the submissions on this site. You will see how much variety exists among different women, and the fact that no two vulvas are alike.

Clare xo

I hate the the way my labia look

i hate the way my labia lookI’m 19. I hate the the way my labia look. I think I look abnormal. I have good and bad body image days, but mostly bad. I am saving up for labiaplasty.

I am very proud of you for being brave enough to share your insecurities.

You may be comforted to know that basically every woman on the planet has good and bad body image days, and virtually all women experience body image issues to some extent.

If your labia are not causing you physical discomfort, my advice is that you try to overcome your insecurities through counseling, or speaking about them to somebody in your life who you trust and are comfortable with, before going making the huge decision of undergoing surgery. While it is ultimately your body and your choice to go through with labiaplasty, please do some soul-searching first, and approach surgery as a measure of last resort.

You may also want to read through this submission which was recently received from someone who underwent the procedure. She is happy with the outcome, but she only went through with it after careful reflection and proper research, and she has some great advice for other women who are also considering labiaplasty.

Clare xo

I dislike my clitoral hood

clitoral hoodI’ve felt insecure about my vulva ever since I became sexually active. I had a discussion with my boyfriend about my dislike for the way it looks, and he got very confused and disagreed with me. Later on I spoke to my best friend about it. She told me she had a labiaplasty when she was 15, and she knows a lot of people who have done it in her home country in early teenage years. Before deciding to do anything I decided to educate myself and soon realised that I’ve got nothing to worry about. The only feature I still find unattractive is my large clitoral hood, but I guess I’ll have to learn to live with it and appreciate it. Luckily I have a very supportive partner and I won’t let my clitoral hood become an issue in our relationship or sex life 🙂

Thank you for sharing 🙂

It sounds like you’re on the right track to overcome your insecurities (with the support of your boyfriend). Having a supportive partner who you can confide in often makes the process much easier, so you are very fortunate.

Clare xo

Why I had labiaplasty

Like many of the women on here, I have always felt incredibly insecure about the appearance of my labia minora. Throughout puberty, the size and colour of my labia minora changed due to hormonal changes, and for many years I didn’t have the confidence to discuss this ‘change’ with any of my friends or family members, let alone a medical professional. I found great comfort in looking at blogs (like this one) that promote body positivity, which enabled me to feel less isolated at a time when I felt most alone.

A year ago, I was referred to see a gynaecologist due to an unrelated issue (which has since been resolved), but after the stress of baring all to various medical professionals (including my doctor, consultant and multiple nursing staff), I decided (aged 26) to undergo labiaplasty. I researched local, reputable surgeons and booked an initial consultation a few months later.

Having labiaplasty is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made and has drastically improved my confidence. However, I had suffered emotional and physical pain for many years prior to having this surgery, and I urge anyone who is considering having this surgery done to think very carefully about it.

Whilst there are very few complications and risks associated with the surgery, the recovery period is slow and uncomfortable, and the surgery itself is distressing to go through (especially for someone who has no previous experience of surgery). It is important that you find an experienced surgeon who you not only feel very comfortable with, but who is also not going to abuse your body and is only going to make the ‘necessary’ changes (i.e. remove minimal excess skin) to improve physical comfort and sensation in the area. Reconstructions are expensive, and are also very complicated (and in some cases impossible) to perform, so finding a reputable surgeon to begin with is of great importance.

I hope that any of you considering this procedure (who are not in physical pain like I was) can learn to love and live with your labia as they are, which is something I regret not being able to do. This blog is truly inspiring/empowering and long may it continue!

Thank you for your wonderful insights and for your words of support for women out there who are self-conscious of their labia.

You are correct that going through with a labiaplasty procedure should not taken lightly. I’m so glad to hear that your labiaplasty journey turned out to be a positive one – it sounds like you did thorough research beforehand and did not simply undergo the procedure on a whim or for the wrong reasons.

Clare xo