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Insecure about my droopy labia

droopy labia droopy labia 2I’ve been very insecure about my droopy labia. Probably around the age of 11 or 12 I noticed mine would look different from my friends and that didn’t change growing up… when I was 14 – 17 years old I was so scared that a boy would judge me or think it was ugly, but as I grew up it was more that I am now uncomfortable in most clothing and whilst having sex (I’m 21 now).

There is nothing ugly or unattractive about your labia. Spend some time looking through the submissions on the Labia Project and you will see that your genital anatomy is completely normal.

Please see my reply to this post for some tips on finding clothing that is more comfortable, and on reducing discomfort during sex.

Clare xo

My outie labia is a source of pride

Thank you thank you and THANK YOU a million times over for this site. Reading the stories and seeing the pictures of horrified women who are also ashamed of their size made me realize that I am completely normal. Now my outie labia is a source of pride which makes me feel much more beautiful, womanly and feminine.

To be honest, I did at one point investigate the costs and risks of labiaplasty surgery, and I even scheduled up a consultation with a plastic surgeon which I never went to because I got cold feet at the last minute. I’m glad I didn’t go through with it because now I’m fine with how I look and if someone else isn’t, then they aren’t the right person for me.

Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement. It is messages of support like yours that keep me motivated to give of my time to the cause of spreading this site’s important message.

I do not have any advertising on this site, as what I do is not for personal gain and is aimed at making a real difference to the lives of women like yourself who are going through personal struggles to accept their bodies as they are.

Clare xo

Ugly mole on my outer labia

ugly mole on my outer labiavaginal mole removalI’m 23 and I have this ugly mole on my outer labia. It makes me too embarassed to have sex. How can I get it removed?

Mole removal is generally a very straightforward process that your dermatologist can do in his / her office. Different methods can be used such as shave biopsy and excision.

It is usually done under local anesthetic and is a relatively quick and painless procedure which heals quickly.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

Clare xo

Tear in the crease between the labia

I was waxing today and experienced a tear in the crease between the labia majora and minora. It didn’t hurt immediately but I noticed quite a bit of blood. The wax didn’t pull the skin off, it was just the direction and force that split the skin. Now it burns like hell, especially when I pee. Any advice?

If the bleeding has not stopped, you should go to the ER. If it has stopped, you should consider seeing a doctor. You may also wish to use an antibiotic cream to avoid infection, and calendula cream (which is available from most health stores) can also help. Also, make sure that you keep the area clean at all times.

Most tears in that area heal relatively quickly, so as long as you avoid infection and keep the area clean, you should see an improvement and be feeling better within the next few days.

Clare xo

Wearing a bikini with enlarged labia

I have recently noticed that my labia minora is really enlarged and I am going on holiday in a month and I am really self concious of the way it looks in a bikini. There is a very large bulge which is definitely noticeable. I don’t want this insecurity to stop me from having fun as I used to be very confident with my body. I am unsure of what to do as I am only 18 and don’t want to get surgery.

First off, you are perfectly normal. Plenty of other girls are in the same situation. Here are some tips which might help to make you less self conscious about wearing a bikini with enlarged labia:

  • Put a pad inside your bikini bottom to add a little more thickness to your suit
  • Wear boyshort bottoms
  • Get a liner that smooths out everything down there – they are available from this company (and quite a few others online – just do a Google search)
  • Wear a retro swimsuit which has a little skirt
  • Wear a colorful / patterned bikini which makes the contours less obvious

The most important thing is to have fun on your holiday, and make sure you don’t let your insecurities get in the way of that – it’s just not worth it!

Clare xo

No gold standard for a beautiful vagina

I’m a nurse and in my line of work, I have seen a lot of labia and vaginas. No two have ever been the same. There is no gold standard for a beautiful vagina. And I personally don’t think that there is such a thing as a good-looking vagina and/or labia. They’re all pretty strange looking. For most men, a vagina is a thing of beauty regardless of its shape or size because it is a source of pleasure for them.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It is always great to get the perspective of a professional who encounters labia and vaginas on a regular basis – it really puts things into context as most women measure themselves against unrealistic standards which are not representative of the average woman.

Hopefully your insights will help the thousands of women out there who experience insecurities because they think that they fall short of the gold standard for a beautiful vagina.

Clare xo