Used to be disgusted by my labia

disgusted by my labia disgusting labiaI’ve always been insecure of my labia to the point where it would make me feel disgusted by my labia almost all the time. At this age (22) is the first time I have started to embrace the difference of my labia. I’ve considered getting labiaplasty but it would bring no benefit to me, it is simply a cosmetic procedure. I’ve met someone who changed my whole perspective on larger labia and I really want to give thanks to him! Remember ladies, there are men out there who love big labia! I will NOT look down at myself anymore just because someone does not like my labia, because there is someone else who love them!

Thank you for sharing your story and pictures 🙂

I’m so glad to hear that you have decided against getting a labiaplasty and have embraced your labia as they are. It sounds like your partner is a keeper!

Clare xo



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