Do women of color normally have a darker color to their labia?

I just want to say I love your blog and everything it promotes. This site is very healthy and refreshing from the misogynistic society women have to endure every day. My question is do women of color normally have a darker color to their labia than say non women of color?

I’m asking as a woman of color myself and my labia majora and minora are a dark brown color instead of the rosy pink that everyone assumes a woman is supposed to have. I feel kind of insecure about it since it’s not just a pretty pink color and I don’t see many women with one the same color as mine. I’m probably just being silly but I want to know if i’m one of the minority or the majority.

Thank you for your submission 🙂 It’s always encouraging to hear from women who find the Labia Project to be a valuable resource.

Dark coloration of the labia is a common phenomenon among all women – there are many Caucasian women with labia that range in shades from deep purple to grey or brown. That being said, dark coloration of the labia is particularly common among women of color.

The Labia Project aims to showcase the diversity of vulvas of women of all colors. However, the majority of submissions are from Caucasian women, and there is a real need for women of color to be represented on the site. While I have no control over who decides to make a submission, I want to encourage women of color to contribute to make it a truly inclusive and representative project.

Clare xo

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