Every labia was waxed or shaved

Forgive me if I haven’t looked into your site deeply enough to answer my question/concern. I’m a clinical sexologist and educator in Eugene, OR and am presenting a class this evening, “Reclaiming Our Power: Rocking Midlife Transition,” for women who want to be empowered sexually through and beyond menopause. I wanted to refer class participants to the Labia Project — I love what you’re doing. Then I noticed every labia was waxed or shaved (on the first three pages—a cursory look, I admit).

It made me wonder if my generation (I’m 55 and occasionally wax) will relate and whether the waxing is done for viewing or out of shame over having hair on our vulvas. Does your site have labia representations from unwaxed women? Is the waxing simply for better viewing?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Thanks for getting in touch and for your words of encouragement regarding the site.

The Labia Project is submission-driven, which means that the pictures that you see in the Submissions section of the site are only of those women who decide to make submissions. The pictures may therefore not be exactly representative of the extent of waxing and shaving among women out there (but they are probably not far off, as a wide spectrum of women make submissions).

That being said, the site does feature some submissions by women who have decided to keep their pubic hair (for example, the submissions My hairy vagina and Hairy labia).

Waxing and shaving also appears to be more prevalent among younger women between 18 and 35, and a reasonable proportion of the submissions to the site are from women in this age range.

Some submitters who keep their pubic hair shaved or waxed say that they do so for hygiene reasons (which is based on a misconception because pubic hair is not unhygienic and in fact serves an important purpose). Others say that it makes them feel sexier to have their vulvas bare.

Ultimately, I think that one of the main reasons for women waxing or shaving is that this is in fashion – the trend, in recent years, has been to wax or shave, and many women feel like this is the only acceptable and attractive way to groom their vulvas.

Clare xo

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  1. Jane

    Thanks, Clare,

    I support women doing what makes them feel good and sincerely hope that women who are waxing and shaving do so for their own pleasure–not to follow a trend or make themselves more attractive to partners. Much of my work is helping women (I generally work with women 40-70+) accept themselves exactly as they are–from this, true empowerment arises. As I said, I really like what you’re doing here. Our vulvas are all so unique and each one beautiful. Giving women the opportunity to see their normalcy in the sea of diverse vulvas is simply lovely. Thanks for your work.

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