One flappy flap sticking out of my vagina

flap sticking out of my vagina labia frills legs spread big labia pulling labia to the sideDear fellow people with labias, When my labia grew in, I didn’t think she was anything special I thought everyone looked like me down there. Then I saw porn, and all those seemingly labia-less women and I was shocked and worried that I may be different and weird. I started asking myself, why do I have just one flappy flap sticking out of my vagina when I stand up, why is it dark? Why am I different? I used to hate it, I was so self conscious… I didn’t want guys or other girls to see me, I felt gross. Then in early high school i made a friend who was open about everything, and she was talking about her labia, saying it was longer then what you see in porn, and I told her mine was too! She showed me hers, and it was so pretty, and unfortunately i didn’t feel any better about mine. Though hers was long, hers was even on both sides, and mine is not even at all, and i again felt alone and self conscious. Then I found this site, and I was shocked at the divisity of labia! We all look different down there, and it’s beautiful! I started thinking, labia is like fingerprints, they are unique and all women are unique, and I love that. Then I got a new boyfriend and I showed him my labia when we had sex for the first time, and he said it was beautiful. I told him I was self conscious of the flap sticking out of my vagina and he said I shouldn’t be, it’s unique and brings out my personality. This changed me and i have a new perspective on my parts, they are unique to me, and that is something special. No one should feel bad about what they got, and everyone with labia should be proud that it’s their own unique piece. Wheather you got dark labia, light labia, multicolored labia, big labia, small labia, labia up top, labia down low, labia all around, and even labia on one side. That is beautiful, and you should be proud. ~Female, 18

Thank you for sharing your lovely story and beautiful pictures.

Clare xo

3 thoughts on “One flappy flap sticking out of my vagina

  1. Kandice

    Thank you for posting this! I only recently got the courage to take a mirror and look at her down there (seriously, only did it last night) and noticed exactly what she looks like. (I mean, as I showered and used the bathroom I knew it was long but….). I’ll admit, I freaked out a bit. I never learned the parts of my vagina (vulva?) In school and my mother doesn’t talk about it, so I’ve basically learned everything from porn (still a proud virgin at 27) and pussies on porn definitely don’t look like mine. Thank you for showing me that I’m normal.

  2. Safya Tee

    My goodness this is the most beautiful thing I’ve read on the Internet ever. I’ve just late night stumbled onto this site and it is filling me with joy and liberation. So many beautiful vaginas! And I don’t usually like looking at vaginas.. But that’s because I’m funny about my own. But now I feel immediately better about my own… Omg too many things to say! Xx

  3. Leanne

    I have the exact same kind of labia! One side is longer than the other it sticks out. The men I’ve been with never have had an issue with it. I try to be ok with it but it’s hard. It’s nice to see someone else’s labia that looks the same as mine!


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