How to get rid of ingrown hairs on the labia

Get rid of ingrown hairs on the labiaMany women who shave or wax their vulvas suffer with ingrown hair. We have put together a quick guide on how to get rid of ingrown hairs on the labia.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following essential items close at hand:

  • Tweezers and a needle or pin. Burn the edge with a flame to sterilise it
  • Tissue paper
  • A mild disinfectant

The first step, once you have collected these items, is to take a warm shower or bath. This will help to open the hair follicles, which will make it easier to extract the ingrown hair. After the shower or bath, dry the skin in the area.

Once you have done so, the next step will be to remove the hair which is curled up under your skin. Don’t wait too long after drying the area, as the follicles must still be open when you remove the hair.

To remove the hair, gently break the skin at the top of the raised area with the sterilised needle or pin, locate the hair with the sharp point of the needle or pin, and slide the needle or pin underneath the hair to pull it to the surface of the skin.

Once enough of the hair is exposed to grab hold of it with the tweezers, use the tweezers to firmly but slowly pull it out. Wipe the area clean with the tissue paper, and apply the mild disinfectant to the area.

Apply more disinfectant once or twice a day for the next couple of days, until the skin heals – the key here is to keep the area clean to avoid infection or bacterial getting into the broken skin. You don’t want other infections in the area which can be even more unpleasant than the ingrown hair that you had before.

Once the skin in the area has healed fully, make sure that you exfoliate it regularly to avoid the ingrown hair coming back (but be gentle, as the area is delicate and can be sensitive).

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