I hate the size of my labia

I hate the size of my labiaI’m 18 and still a virgin because I hate the size of my labia. I’m honestly so scared to have sex incase the person I’m with see’s it and leaves because it’s not tidy. I’m really considering labiaplasty.

Thank you for being brave enough to submit and share your insecurities.

There are huge variations in labia size, and more than half of all women have outtie vaginas which would not be considered “tidy” based on the unrealistic standards that the media and mainstream pornography has created.

Based on your picture, yours are well within “normal” range, and you have nothing to worry about. When you meet the right guy for you and decide to have sex, you shouldn’t be worried about being judged because of how your labia look. Your first sexual experience (and, in fact, all sexual experiences) shouldn’t be clouded by anxiety and insecurities, and should be positive and enjoyable.

Please spend some time looking through the submissions on this site. You will see how much variety exists among different women, and the fact that no two vulvas are alike.

Clare xo

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