Hemorrhoids inside my vagina

I think I have hemorrhoids inside my vagina. I just found all these skin taggy, rough to touch things lumps of skin inside my vaginal opening. Nothing on the outside bust just inside. I am really worried I’ve had cancer growing for that long or something really abnormal is going on. Trying to get some reassurance. What could this be?

What you are describing could be one of many things including remnants of the hymen (referred to as hymenal tags), vaginal papules or vestibular papillae (which are not contagious and are harmless), genital warts (a contagious STI), or a number of other conditions.

I suggest making an appointment with your gynecologist in order to undergo a physical examination and get a definitive diagnosis. While the internet is a useful source of information, self-diagnosing is often inaccurate as there is a lot of misinformation on the web, and subjective perceptions of what you are experiencing, coupled with paranoia, can often cloud the diagnosis.

Please let me know what your gynecologist says once you have a diagnosis.

Clare xo

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