I am so embarrassed of my vagina

I am so embarrassed of my vagina

I am so embarrassed of my vagina. Nothing makes me feel better about it, and I’m terrified to have sex for the first time because of it. All of my friends are having sex or doing things and more importantly I WANT to, but I’m terrified to let anyone touch me or even look at me down there. I don’t know what to do, my Labia minora are huge and my labia majora are a completely different colour to my skin? I am 18 btw

From where I’m sitting, your vulva is completely normal. There is a big spectrum of normal labia minora sizes, and yours are well within that spectrum. There are also many variations in vulva coloration, and it is not unusual for the labia to be darker than the surrounding skin.

Sex can be a daunting experience (especially the first time), as you are sharing your most intimate side with someone else. It is natural to be worried about being judged by your partner.

Most guys would be so thrilled that they are getting some, that they would not be focused on analyzing your vulva and passing judgment. The most important thing is to do it with someone who you feel comfortable with, and who is into you for the right reasons.

Clare xo

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