I find my thick labia revolting

I’m 16 and I find my thick labia revolting and can’t look at it, when im 18 I intend to see how much a reduction operation will be. I refuse to have sex until it’s gone! Lol its so gross i can’t feel anything and it just hangs there UGGGG!!!

I’m so sorry to hear that you have such a negative perception of your labia.

There is a common misconception that larger labia are abnormal or unattractive. This misconception is mainly caused by a lack of education around the range of labia sizes out there.

Please spend some time browsing through the hundreds of submissions on this site – you will see just how much diversity there is, and it will hopefully help you to be more open to sharing your body sexually (when you’re ready).

Labia reduction surgery is a major procedure. In recent years, it has become more common for people to undergo the procedure for cosmetic rather than medical reasons. Please don’t rush into a decision to go through with labia reduction surgery – it’s irreversible and the results can sometimes be disappointing.

Clare xo

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