I have a monster vagina

i have a monster vaginaive been bouncing the idea of a submission for awhile because ive been incredibly embarrassed with my labias for years now (im 20 years old btw). i know it might be stupid but I just want to know if im imagining that i have a monster vagina haha. when the labias are pulled they are quite long and I just feel so ashamed, like how will that be sexy? is my labias normal

I’m sorry that you feel shame when it comes to your vulva.

You are not alone in feeling this way, as society puts pressure on women to look a certain way and conform to unrealistic standards of beauty. The only people benefiting from this are cosmetic surgeons who charge a lot of money to mutilate womens’ vulvas.

Your labia are perfectly normal, and you have nothing to be concerned or ashamed about. Please spend some time browsing the submissions on the Labia Project to get an idea of the variety that exists among women who are all “normal”.

Clare xo

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