I have a protruding clitoris

I have a protruding clitoris. I used to feel like a freak and hide it in gym – even till the age of maybe 20. I think it’s a huge sign of maturity to grow to be perfectly ok with it, or love it like I do! Makes arousal way easier / everything sexual feel better, in my unproveable belief. And I saw a movie recently with a bunch of hot naked girls & to my surprise a couple had big clits and/or inner labia 🙂 I don’t like the look of my inner labia sticking out but also feel pleasantly indifferent to it if that makes sense.

Thank you for sharing your story.

It sounds like you have gone along way in your journey towards accepting and embracing your clitoris and labia the way they are.

There is some scientific evidence that women who have a larger clitoris have more nerve endings and experience more intensity through stimulation, so it can definitely have its benefits!

Clare xo

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