I have a very large labia

Hi, I have a very large labia. To the point that I worry it will show an outline in bikinis when around the pool or in hot tubs. I’m 18 and lost my virginity at 17. A few days later the boy I slept with told me he was no longer interested and told all his friends I was “bad in bed”. When he saw my area down there he did stare but didn’t say anything… I felt he wasn’t interested anymore and said what he did because of the way it looks and now I’m so much more self-conscious about the size of my Labia. To the point I’m considering surgery now that I’m 18. I don’t mind the way it looks but I do worry about the way that other people would react.

I’m sorry that your first sexual experience turned out to be negative. The guy clearly has no respect for you, and he deeply violated your privacy by talking to his friends about it.

A woman’s first sexual experience can often influence the way she feels about sex for the rest of her life. Please realize that the guy was an immature idiot who shouldn’t be given the power to influence your self-image and sexual enjoyment.

This was one bad experience. There are many good guys out there who will love and embrace you as you are, and who will count themselves fortunate to have the chance to be intimate with you.

The most important first step is for you to embrace and accept your body as it is. Looking for acceptance and affirmation from others before you have found it in yourself, can lead to serious self-image issues and is unhealthy and dangerous.

You are unique and beautiful. Once you realize that you will feel happier and more fulfilled, and no idiot guy will be able to damage your self-image through insensitive comments.

Clare xo

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