I have an outie clitoris

I am seventeen years old and I have an outie clitoris. That’s how I ended up on this site.

My boyfriend and I are sexually active and have sex regularly. I didn’t know what to do about it, he’s never said anything about it but all of my friends looked normal. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Every single one of the pornos I’ve seen the girl has the perfect tiny clit and I have been SO self-conscious about. I don’t like it at all but he says he likes it and he says it’s hot regardless of what I say so I guess it just depends on the guy.

The truth is, most guys won’t care whether the clitoris is larger or smaller, or whether it is more exposed or hidden.┬áRemember, the clitoris is there to be source of pleasure and not a source of anxiety.

There are countless variations out there (from women with tiny hidden clitorises, to women with clitorises that swell when they are aroused). All of them are completely normal.

Depictions of women in mainstream porn are skewed and are certainly not representative of the huge array of variations of vulva physiology that is out there.

Clare xo

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