I love my body

Hello Im [name removed – I don’t publish submitters’ names] a 24 year old Kenyan lady. Im in loooove with my body. I remember being curious and self conscious about my body when i was 18 and thats when i came across this page which really boosted my esteem atleast i felt i wasnt alone. I am proud of the person I have become looking all those years back. I plan on starting a campaign to help young teenage girls build their confidence. Im thinking of dyeing the hair and adding a piercing.

It’s so wonderful to hear that the Labia Project has reached and helped women as far as in Africa! It has truly become a global project which provides a caring and non-judgmental platform to celebrate diversity and address self-esteem issues.

Your campaign sounds really interesting – please tell me all about it and keep me updated on how it goes. I would love to help out with it in any way that I can!

Clare xo

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