I want my labia reduced

I want my labia reducedI’m 28 and I want my labia reduced. Couldn’t care less about the clitoral hood etc. Just don’t want the dangly bits getting in the way anymore. I’m sick of it. I gave up horse riding at 14 (never told anyone the reason why) I can’t ride the bike my partner bought me (it’s just too uncomfy) I hate going swimming because of it. I constantly have to “rearrange” myself. And to be honest it’s now affecting me so much that I’m ready to cut them myself then take a trip to the hospital and get stitches. I feel it’s been worse since having my daughter, they hurt and get in the way during sex. I lie in bed at night crying about it. Thank you all for taking the time to make submissions on here, it’s very reassuring knowing I’m not the only one.

I’m so sorry that your labia have been such a major source of discomfort, frustration and shame in your life.

Getting your labia reduced is an irreversible procedure, and I hope that you will do some soul-searching to make sure that it is not something you can live with, and that a labia reduction is truly a last resort before finally going through with it. Cutting your own labia off is very dangerous as it can lead to infection or excessive bleeding, so if you do ultimately decide to go through with it, please see a plastic surgeon.

Before you go through with any form of surgery, I encourage you to spend some time looking through the resources on this site to get a better idea of the normal variations in labia among different women. I also encourage you to speak to a  psychologist or counselor about your insecurities in order to attempt to work through them and accept your vulva as it is.

There are also some practical ways to reduce your discomfort and avoid your labia affecting your quality of life. Please see my reply to this post which contains some tips which may help.

Clare xo

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