Inner labia discomfort in panties

inner labia discomfort in panties winter-15-16-44I often experience discomfort from my inner labia. I have pain after sports activities, and it becomes like blisters and I experience inner labia discomfort in panties and when I wear tight-fitted pants pants.

I have tried all sorts of panties. Some are more comfortable than others. But it is much more comfortable without panties. But recently I have begun to be pantyless under my clothes as often as I can. When I have a skirt or dress, then I wear panties. But otherwise, I usually go without panties, it’s more comfortable without panties.

I do not want to risk having my bum visible, therefore I avoid thongs when I wear a skirt or dress and I rather wear bigger panties when I wear a skirt or dress. I often wear thong under my pants or shorts.

But nowadays, I’m almost always pantyless when I wear pants or shorts. But it can be painful in any case. I sometimes still get such a pain in my inner lips when I wear jeans or other tight pants or tight shorts, even though I’m not wearing any panties.

There are many ways to avoid experiencing discomfort inner labia discomfort in panties. You may wish to try panties with a wider crotch panel and more cushioning, and underwear madeĀ  of more stretchy material which provides better support.

Another method that may help is to apply baby powder before wearing tight-fitting clothes. It’s a little complicated to get in the right spots, but to apply it, lie on your back on the bed and put your feet over your head and powder up that way. Do it over a towel. It makes life in tight jeans so much better.

Keeping dry down there is also important. Also avoid washing with any soaps or body washes that have chemicals that can disrupt he natural PH.

Hope I could help!

Clare xo

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