My inner vaginal lips are a deep purple

Im 15, never had sex but I have masturbated and my inner vaginal lips are a deep purple. Im scared to have sex or let someone go down on me. Is this normal?

100% normal – the color of your labia depends on a variety of factors. Your ethnicity can play a big role. People of Asian and African descent tend to have darker skin in that area, but even Caucasian women can have labia ranging in color from shades of pink and purple, to shades of brown and grey (and everything inbetween).

It is not a cause for concern from a health perspective, and it is also part of normal aesthetic variations among different women. Hopefully when you are ready to have sex, you will have accepted your body as it is, and you will not be worried about being judged by your partner.

It may be a good idea to start off your journey towards self-acceptance by spending a few minutes per day looking at your vulva in the mirror with an open heart (as described by Coach Jane in this insightful article).

Many women don’t realize how normal it is to have darker skin down there, and an entire industry has developed to profit from womens’ anxieties by offering skin lightening products and treatments for intimate areas such as the vulva (the outer part of the vagina) and the anus. These products and treatments are neither necessary nor healthy, and the reality is that they can often do more harm than good.

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  1. Miss NH

    Well-said! I have heard this feedback before, but this article says it best imho. Thanks for this! I am looking forward to reading the article by Coach Jane next.


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