Insecure about how I look down there

Insecure about how I look down thereHey I’m 19 years old and I am so insecure about how I look down there. I feel so much disgust for myself and I never had a boyfriend because of my insecurities. Does this look normal because everytime I look at me I just think that this is wrong. Even though I looked through your blog and felt a little bit better, there is a switch in my head, telling me that I am wrong.

I’m here to tell you that you’re perfectly right and perfectly normal. The Labia Project exists to remind you of that fact anytime the voice in your head says otherwise.

Please don’t rush into intimacy with a guy. It’s important for you to first accept and embrace yourself as you are, as it is unhealthy and dangerous to seek affirmation from a partner when you are self-conscious about yourself. When you reach the point of self-acceptance, you will be able to have a fulfilled and happy sexual relationship with the right guy.

Clare xo

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