Insecure about my pubic hair

I’m 21 and I’m totally okay with the shape of my vulva. But I’m really insecure about my pubic hair. There’s a lot, and I mean A LOT. Before I discovered your beautiful project and some other feminist bodypositive resources, I had seen some discussion about pubic hair and people on the Internet only discuss undressing in front of a partner. But it doesn’t apply to me, because my hair can be seen in the underwear and so it affects beaches, simply changing in public places… It can be seen even in short shorts sometimes. It’s everywhere, even in the anus, which I always freak out about in the shower. Not only my outer labia are fully covered with hair, but also the beginning of my legs (the transition between the pubic hair and the leg hair is strongly visible). And the “triangle” goes very high up my belly, some of my panties ends earlier. When I found your website, I was hoping to find someone similar to me but failed. Even the people who don’t shave seem to have a neat triangle-or-something-like-that which can be hidden in the underwear… I keep quite bodypositive about body hair and don’t usually shave legs or armpits, even when I wear open clothes (it depends on the mood, but in winter — nah) but with this I’m quite uncomfortable. But I can’t really shave it because it lasts for two days at most, so it would need shaving all the time (which is a horror to think about) and it also irritates my skin pretty much. When I’m at the beach, I have to shave at least the area around my pubis every day, which causes irritation and leaves red marks. The same also happens with my armpits. My hair is also really thick and can stick out (is this the right word? sorry, I’m not an English-speaker) even from the underwear, which is also a problem with bikinis. Thank you so much for your project, I think it’s amazing and I hope you could cheer me up a bit and make me feel less insecure about my pubic hair.

The amount of pubic hair that you have is generally a result of genetics, and in some cases, can also be influenced by hormonal levels.

I understand that having excess amounts of pubic hair can be embarrassing and annoying, but there are ways to learn to deal with it.

While shaving does not provide long-lasting results and can result in irritation from regrowth, you may wish to try waxing. Although waxing can be painful, once you get used to it, the pain often becomes less over time. The benefit of waxing is that the results last much longer, and there can be less irritation with regrowth. Waxing can also result in the regrowth being finer, as waxing involves the removal of the hair from the root.

Another option that you could consider is laser hair removal, which can lead to permanent (or at least, semi-permanent) results. While this can be costly as you may need seven or more sessions, the fact that it gives lasting results is a definite plus. It is also not necessary to get laser hair removal on all areas, and you could choose to limit it to areas around your bikini line and on your belly, and wax the labia and butt area.

I hope this helps.

Clare xo

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    Do not fret! So many gorgeous women I know have pubic hair down their thighs (like seriously cascading downward!) and up to their bellybuttons. A beautiful friend of mine rocked her body hair in a bikini this summer, for all to see. It is so normal. I am a person with really sensitive skin so I understand not wanting to irritate yourself with hair removal. I am of the opinion that body hair is beautiful, and does not fold neatly into a bathing suit. I am your age and I can tell you that from what I have heard, there was a lot more pressure on young women growing up in the 90s to be hairless. Our generation has begun to lean back into our bodies, in their natural states and configurations. I hope that you are able to embrace your body hair–in solidarity!


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