Introducing Jane Steckbeck

Introducing Jane Steckbeck…

Introducing Jane Steckbeck

I am delighted to be supporting Clare’s potent work with the Labia Project. When she asked me to participate as a guest writer and commentator, it was an easy “yes” because the Labia Project helps women accept themselves as they are. In my work as a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach, I focus on women’s sexual empowerment—and self-acceptance is integral to empowerment and often something missing in women’s lives.  Yet, there is only one person on this earth who can grant you self-acceptance: you. That the Labia Project helps women in this process makes it something well worth my time to support.

A little bit more about me. I became a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach after a ten-year sexual healing process, where I consciously healed from the effects of childhood sex abuse. When the dust settled I began to realize that women are profoundly disconnected from themselves sexually due to a toxic culture that marginalizes women’s pleasure, our bodies, and tells us that we are in so many ways “less than.” I decided that I wanted to help women to recognize inaccurate cultural messaging and to reclaim their sexuality on their own terms so they could experience the fullness of embodied pleasure, passion and personal power. I’ve learned over the years that the healthier a woman is sexually, the more she accepts herself, the more powerful and confident she is in all areas of her life.

Thanks for reading my posts. I look forward to hearing about more women claiming their empowered sexuality and loving their labias—and entire bodies—just as they are.

One thought on “Introducing Jane Steckbeck

  1. JP

    Thank you, as a man and a just today a new “supporter” of this site/blog/“movement,” so to speak. I forgot to mention bc I emailed Clare earlier today. I found the link to Labia Project through a Reddit post.

    A woman posted she found a website for “non-sexualized” breast’s and was curious if they had one for vagina’s too bc porn was beating her down. As a man, porn beats us down too so I totally get it. Someone forwarded her your link and I hope it helped her.

    Keep up the great motivation and helping these beautiful ladies find the path to self love and acceptance, bc it is so important.


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