I’ve got longer inner labia

longer inner labiaHello All, I found this wonderful site after searching for labia positive information. Im 44 and I’ve got longer inner labia. I never thought anything negative about my vulva until my second husband told me that my “Vagina looks like it’s been fucked by big cocks” and “Why is it so big” and “It’s a big, scary pussy”. This, despite having had lots of sexual experience with monogamous partners previously, made me feel super angry, abused, scared, dirty, wrong and shameful. I turned all of that feeling inward and that started a very damaging self dialogue spiral. It took me a whilst to realise that that was all of HIS stuff I was feeling and NOT my own. It was complete bullshit and an outright lie to keep me down. And he succeeded. Until I decided to leave his pathetic insecure ass and go and work in erotic massage as a job. I was naked in front of different men who could look but not touch all the time and day after day after day I got nothing but worship for my labia. These gentlemen gave me what I couldn’t give myself- simple acceptance and appreciation. It was an unexpected gift in a very unusual environment. But one that changed my attitude forever. They had no agenda, apart from being able to see my most feminine parts and say ‘Wow!’. I learned that men are super happy to be in the presence of a lady and her soft parts- AT ALL. They love us, bigger, smaller WHATEVER!!!! It’s all good! The more the better! But most of all, if you know you have that power to wow a man simply, and especially by being uniquely You and feeling sexy and confident, then that is the hottest thing of all. I faked it until I made it. And had lots of fun in the process by being a sexy Goddess everyday with all my unique bits. So now my dialogue to myself is, “I was born a woman and that is enough for any man to like”. Don’t ever believe the dickheads who want to put out your sexy fire! They don’t want you to be feeling that juicy, confident, hypnotic power. They can’t handle it! Kick those sociopaths to the curb! You go and give those beautiful flowers to men who will fall to their knees in Thanks to God that some female has opened her legs to him at all. Peace, Out!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and picture. It’s fascinating that your work in erotic massage was empowering and improved your self-esteem, as there is a perception that work of that nature is dis-empowering for women (which is obviously not the case for everyone)!

I’m loving your positive attitude towards life!

Clare xo

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  1. Annie

    I’m a sex worker as well and I have the same conclusion. Clearly, horny guys are just into pussy, period, so if someone’s pointedly saying he isn’t, something suspicious is going on with his motivations. Your vulva looks completely normal so he must have been intentionally trying to make you feel bad (or potentially has some kind of fetish for cuckoldry– I work in pro domination and we see that a lot.).


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