My labia get pulled in with sex

labia get pulled in with sex labia discomfortFrom the age of 14 years old I have been bothered by the way I looked and felt down there. As I got older my labia always got in the way and made sex difficult and made wearing certain things very uncomfortable. Since having 2 kids vaginally not sure if hormones or birth had anything to do with this, it seems like they got longer and my labia get pulled in with sex and to be honest I just don’t like the way it looks. I’ve always knew I was different down there. Nobody I’ve been intimate with has made me feel bad about it, in fact the few have loved it, it’s something I’m uncomfortable with and I’ve been all my teenage and adult life.

Thank you for sharing. The vulva can undergo physical changes throughout a woman’s lifetime, with the main changes usually taking place during puberty and pregnancy (due to hormonal changes), and during natural childbirth (due to physical trauma which may include cutting if an episiotomy is performed).

At a cosmetic level, your labia appear to be well within normal range, and for what it’s worth, from where I’m sitting, there is nothing unattractive about them.

I am sorry to hear about the discomfort that you experience due to intercourse. I suggest that you try adding some extra lubrication (KY-jelly or other water-based lubricants are safe and won’t disturb the PH levels in your vagina). The added lubrication can also add to the enjoyment of sex, so using a lubricant can have a double-benefit. You may also want to experiment with different positions and angles, as you may find that the discomfort and pulling on your labia is reduced or eliminated when a different position is used.

Clare xo

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