My labia is filled with little bumps

labia is filled with little bumps labia texture changedHi! I’m 21 years old. In the past few years I’ve suffered from a couple of particularly bad yeast infections. After my first one I noticed the texture of my labia had changed. Before all this started my labia was a sort of smooth texture and now my labia is filled with little bumps. I’m not sexually active but I’ve had a std test and everything except yeast infection came back negative. I thought maybe that once my infection was gone the bumps would go too but they haven’t.

None of the doctors ever said anything about it to me, they said I looked normal but I had never seen these kind of bumps before, after looking online it looks similar to vestibular papillomatosis but it’s hard to find much resources on it or stories from women who have the same thing.

I’m scared that when I do decide to be sexually active that a guy will think I have a std or be freaked out by how I look!! Am I over reacting? I just have no idea if I look normal or not.

Based on your pictures, it looks like you may have either vestibular papillomatosis (commonly referred to as VP), or a case of fordyce spots on your labia minora. Both of these conditions are not a cause for concern and are not contagious.

VP is a condition in which small skin-colored growths appear on the tissue of the vulva, and the condition may be causing it to appear as if your labia is filled with little bumps or protrusions. Many doctors view VP as a normal variation of the vulva, which may be why your doctors said that you looked normal. It is usually not symptomatic at all, but in some cases, women experience itching, stinging, burning or and pain. VP can also cause discharge.

Fordyce spots are caused by oil getting trapped in the sebaceous glands, and most women have them. You can read more about them in my reply to this submission.

While I doubt that there is any cause for concern in your situation, you may wish to ask a gynecologist about the bumps during your next routine examination to get a diagnosis and to (hopefully) put your mind at ease.

Clare xo


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