Labia Jewellery – Model makes a labia necklace

labia jewelleryTracy Kiss, a 28 year old British model, has made a pendant for a necklace out of a piece of her labia which was removed during labiaplasty surgery. While many women pierce their labia or adorn their vulvas by “vajazzling”, this must be the most unusual form of labia jewellery out there!

Tracy underwent labiaplasty surgery as a result of pain and irritation that she was experiencing on a daily basis from her labia, which eventually led to a cyst being formed.

Instead of discarding the tissue that had been removed during the procedure, Tracy asked her surgeon to keep it for her. She later turned it into a one-of-a-kind necklace as a way to deal with the trauma that the experience had caused.

While the labia tissue had turned grey after removal due to the surgical fluid, Tracy brightened it up by covering it with glitter. She now wears the necklace daily.

Tracy made this video of the process of creating this most unusual piece of jewellery…

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