Labia majora fused together with labia minora after labiaplasty

labia majora fused together with labia minora botched labiaplastyI got a labiaplasty 4 months ago and got my labia majora fused together with labia minora. My labia are still rubbing on my underwear and getting caught up. I am very disappointed with the results and feel like I got mutilated by my surgeon. I have gone through a lot of anxiety for nothing. 10 years I waited to get the courage to go through with the surgery and I finally got it done. Here I am still insecure still bothered by it every day of my life.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your pictures and your story. It is so important for experiences like yours to be shared. Women view labiaplasty surgery as a quick-fix, but it often leads to more harm than good, and many womens’ expectations are not met. The surgery can often also get botched, with the labia majora fused together with labia minora, or too much tissue being removed.

A huge industry has developed around what is known as “labiaplasty revision surgery”, which is surgery for women who are unhappy with their labiaplasty results and are looking to reverse or re-do the procedure in the hope of getting a better result. The term “labiaplasty revision surgery” is actually a misnomer, as a labiaplasty can never be reversed completely. At best, the process can result in the aesthetic appearance being somewhat similar to the pre-surgery appearance.

I don’t encourage anyone to undergo labiaplasty surgery without first seeing a counsellor, psychologist or other professional to either attempt to assist them to accept their body as it is, or to manage the emotional consequences of going through with the surgery.

I hope that things get better for you, and that you are able to manage the discomfort as best as you can. I also strongly advise speaking to a professional about your feelings. Opening up in a safe environment is a very important part of the emotional healing process, and one which is often overlooked.

Clare xo

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  1. Kay

    I’m not sure what you were going for or if it’s in fact hurting or just uncomfortable, but I personally think it looks beautiful. My labia get all caught up in my underwear, too. But these days I think of it as beautiful petals on my flower.


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