My labia minora has a greyish black tint

labia minora has a greyish black tintI am 22 years old. My labia minora has a greyish black tint at certain areas, which I went in to get checked out, and my doctor said it was perfectly normal and that everything looked fine. I am now in a sexual relationship and he has never said anything about it, but I am constantly worried about what he may be secretly thinking. I only have sex with the lights dimmed or off so that it is not that obvious.

Based on your picture, your vulva looks normal and healthy. Spend some time looking through the submissions on this site and you will see that there is a big spectrum of variations in labia minora pigmentation, and it is very common to have darker skin in that area. 

If your partner is mature and genuinely into you, he won’t have a problem with the colour of your labia and will love you for you. The more important thing is for you to love you for you.

Clare xo

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