The Labia Project gave me confidence

HELLO my name is [name edited out – poster’s names are never included with submissions]. I am 23 years old and i am from Kenya. i came across the labia project when i was 18 years and suffering from low self esteem. i had looked at myself and compared myself to other girls my age and i saw that my labia was big which I didn’t understand and i felt weird. But all that changed when i came across this blog and i knew i was not a freak. After posting on this blog i got great comments that boosted my esteem. let no one make fun of you you are all beautiful in your own way. Learn to love yourself and trust in God.

Self-esteem issues concerning vulva appearance affect women worldwide, and it’s great to hear that this resource has managed to reach you and make a difference in Africa! Thank you for sharing your story – hopefully it will help others who are suffering from self-esteem issues to overcome them too.

Clare xo

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