Do the labia shrink with menopause?

I read online that it is possible to have the labia shrink with menopause. I have large inner lips and would hate to see them shrink. I’m so against that happening that I asked my doctor about it (she’s very easy to talk to) and she told me there are ways to prevent the changes in the vulva and vagina that can occur with menopause. For the vulva, to prevent atrophy of the tissues and any shrinking of the lips, you can do a daily press-and-release massage of all parts of the vulva. My doctor gave me a link for a booklet online that explains it all (written by a female doctor who owns a sex toy shop).

The vulva can undergo physiological changes throughout a woman’s lifetime, and hormonal changes that come about during puberty, during pregnancy and during menopause are often a catalyst for those changes.

With regard to maintaining vaginal health throughout your lifetime, the most important thing is to keep the vulva clean. This does not mean scrubbing the vulva or using harsh cleaning products – it is largely a self-cleaning organ, and all it needs is a gentle wash with water from time to time.

It is very rare for the vaginal tissue to atrophy, and not much is required in the way of physical exercises to keep it healthy. Many women do kegel exercises to keep the muscles of the vulva healthy and strong, and this can have multiple benefits including reducing the feeling of “looseness” for you and your partner during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse itself is a form of exercise that can help to keep the vagina healthy (as is the case with masturbation).

I have not looked in any detail into the benefits of vaginal massage, but as far as I know, it can’t do any harm, and as with other forms of massage, it is likely to lead to some benefits when it comes to maintaining and improving circulation.

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