My labia are way too big

I’m 14 and I’ve struggled with being insecure my whole life. My vagina has been one of the main insecurities I have. I feel like my labia are way too big and I hate the way they look.

It is a good thing that you have decided to open up about your insecurities at this age, as this will allow you to confront (and hopefully overcome) your insecurities early on.

Many girls don’t do so, and instead carry those insecurities around into adulthood, allowing them build up and to take over their lives.

You are at an age where you are discovering your body and your sexuality. Girls your age experience insecurities about many aspects of their bodies, which are changing and developing.

There is a big range of labia sizes and shapes which are considered “normal”. You are normal. Having labia that are smaller than yours is normal. So is having labia that are larger than yours.

The perception out there that tiny, tucked-in labia are attractive, is changing with time, and the Labia Project is part of the movement to break down that misconception. Please continue to educate yourself though this resource and others that are out there.

Clare xo

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