Labiaplasty surgery and menopause

I had labiaplasty in my late 30’s. I had always been self conscious about the appearance of my labia. Now I have gone into menopause and I can tell you that my labiaplasty surgery and menopause is causing real issues. I have constant irritation and urinary tract infections that I attribute to having the surgery. I have less sensitivity and lubrication diminished somewhat after the surgery and now in menopause I have zero ability to self lubricate or feeling. So if you are thinking of having the surgery do not. It will
cause more problems when you are older than it is worth. I am 49 years old.

Thank you for sharing your experience. While I generally try to present a balanced view on labiaplasty surgery (by promoting free choice instead of simply shooting it down by default), stories like yours make it clear that it can often be short-sighted to undergo the surgery where it is not absolutely necessary (i.e. not purely for cosmetic reasons).

I’m sorry that you are going through these problems – it may be worth chatting to your gynecologist to try and manage them and reduce your discomfort.

Clare xo

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