Large clitoral hood and long labia

large clitoral hood and long labiaI am 25 years old. I have struggled with the look of my large clitoral hood and long labia for many years. I would have sex with my husband only in the dark when we were first married. He constantly reminded me that he thought my labia were sexy and enjoyed playing with my clitoris. I was eventually able to start loving my labia and wanted to submit my photos to encourage you girls that you are perfect normal and beautiful 🙂

Thank you for your lovely submission and for adding your voice to the cause!

Every picture that is submitted to the site adds to the amazing diversity on the project, and helps to spread the message that all vulvas are unique and beautiful.

Clare xo

3 thoughts on “Large clitoral hood and long labia

  1. Chelsea

    Omg my looks the same. Thank you. I’ve been struggling too as well. It’s hard when you aren’t really educated about our reproductive organs and shapes much. Boys think vaginas should look one way or another.


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