Large labia are super ugly and disgusting

Hi! I have noticed something a little weird. The other day during a conversation with my group of friends, somehow we ended up talking about large labia. The girls in the group were saying that large labia are super ugly and disgusting, and that they did not understand how some men actually prefer them. (In my country apparently it is common for some men to actually LIKE large labia, it’s a turn-on for them, a fetish or something.) Well, the point is the girls were making all these nasty comments while the guys in the group didn’t really have an opinion. Of course, since I’m a girl who has large labia, these comments made me feel really bad about myself, but at the same time I understood that my friends shouldn’t go around saying bad things about body parts (if you have nothing nice to say, it’s best not to say anything, right?). This situation made me think that I would actually feel a lot more insecure if I had to dress in front of my girlfriends than if a boyfriend were to see me naked for the first time. This really saddens me, because girls should treat each other like sisters, instead of making each other feel bad.

While men are sometimes the ones passing insensitive and ignorant comments about womens’ bodies, the reality is that women (who should be supportive of one another and treat each other with respect and sensitivity) are often the culprits. Their comments can be equally hurtful and damaging, and I’m sorry that your friends made nasty comments which made you feel bad.

Please know that their views are misinformed, and as the Labia Project aims to show, it is completely normal (and beautiful in its own way) to have labia that are on the larger side.

Clare xo

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