Larger than average labia minora size

I am a female with larger than average labia minora size. They poke out from my labia majora and sometimes a little bump is noticeable beneath panties or a swimsuit. They definitely don’t look like any other vagina I’ve seen online…

My entire sexually conscious life (im 25) I’ve felt very self conscious about my bigger lips, to a point where I don’t want to have sex in super well-lit environments unless I’m under the covers, and definitely no oral sex in the light…

Anyway, what can I do to get over this notion that my pussy is deformed and ugly?!

Your pussy is fine. It’s normal. It’s WAY more common than you think.  Most men won’t care, and any man with some maturity will embrace you as you are.

Never apologise for, or feel ashamed of a naturally occurring part of your body.

Beauty is in the imperfections, not in the boring idea of perfection.

Clare xo

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